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Thursday, May 1st, 2003
9:22a - Guess the Game Quote
'a duck, a trollkin, an Uroxi, two Humakti and a Malkoni sorcerer named Bruce walk into an Issaries hostel'

Bonus points if you still remember how to create the duck.

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9:33p - Looking to start up with AFMBE
Actually wanting to jump into Unisystem. I have the All Flesh Must Be Eaten main rulebook (is the revised worth getting) and the BTVSRPG Corebook and Slayer's Handbook. I have already seen that I like most of the rules for char creation, and combat from AF, but I am curious about the magic system(s). Would it be worthwhile to just use the magic system in Buffy or just go for barouque and get Witchcraft. Also, I like the look of Enter the Zombie.
Any suggestion, comments, or suchlike would be appreciated.

current mood: bouncy

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