April 28th, 2003

coffee frog

The Psychology of Winning

Micro-pseudo-rant spawned off of something ivan23 and I were discussing. Do not expect cogent thoughts or a well-reasoned debate. What do I look like, a magic dancing rabbit? Sheesh.

One of the biggest challenges to RPing, from the hoary old 70's through till the present has been the desire Collapse )
How do we defeat the psychology of winning? Is education and experience enough? I know I'm not the only GM who has had to deal with this.

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Dance everybody dance

No Planescape for Third Ed?

I heard from a knowledgable friend that TSR is discontinuing planescape and it will not be included at all for the 3rd edition product line. Is there any validity to this? If so I'm gonna one mad little puppy >_
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