April 27th, 2003


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Hi! Newbie here, but not in roleplaying (role- played for ten years at least). I currently run a campaign in Castle Falkenstein with modified rules, but this will be my last one. I'm tired of remaking everything so I thought, why not just make a system and world that I entirely like. Haven't play- tested it yet though.
I also play a lot of D&D 3:rd ed and Feng shui. Not entirely happy with any game system I've encountered, but I like the settings of Mechanical Dreams, Call of cthulhu, Bastet (at least the version we played) and the worlds in D&D 3:rd ed that I've played in that was created by the gamemasters with house rules.
My past in roleplaying; Heavy Gear, WFRPG, Werewolf, Vampire, Kindred of the East, Changeling, Star Wars (both d20 and the former), Dragonlance, Drakar och demoner, Ars Magica and probably some more.
white flower

*a voice booms*

Just thought id bounce in cause i had a few minutes to kill ::takes out a knife to murder the minutes graphically::. I mostly keep to Dungeons & Dragons (1st & 3rd), but role-play often online and the settings change on the person, but i have recently gotten into Mage, and have just been asked to join a Wheel of Time rpg. There are also a Hunter game which im not sure will get off the ground, and a Werewolf game which im not overly interested in. This is in partial responce to the comment on my last entry because lj for some reason wont let me comment on anything but anymos, and to explain a little bit of myself to you all. And as far as games i run its mostly a D&D campaign and an up and comming Mage.