April 25th, 2003

Just a quickie...

For those of you who GM out there...

Do you get frustrated if you your players only want to go "hacky hacky kill kill" in your games when you've spent hours creating an intricate plot and storyline? Or you have a group of 6 players and 3 of them want to kill things the other 3 want to go investigate the evidence that may be in the room?

I've recently had a game of Ironclaw going on and the plot involves some of the players been framed for murder of a noble by the chancellor who the noble once trusted. now theres a mix of players in hte group and some are semi sherlock homes and semi insane and attacking guards which in reality you simply wouldn't.

Had to use an entire house guard armed with muskets to stop them from beating up the guards to free the framed party members.

Anyone else get infuriated at this kind of gamer (we play hack slash games on other occations to give them players a chance but this one wasn't ment to be combat heavy).

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Obligatory Intro ^_^

Well, I thought I'd introduce myself here. My name is Carl and I live in Montreal,Que. I've been a role player for about eight years, maybe nine. I've played lots of systems and lots of settings. Me and my fellow gamers had a rpg site going for a few years but it's been on the shelf for about two years due to this little thing called college. But hey, things have gotten back to their former glory so it may come back one day. In any case I've had lots of experience with games. I don't have a specific system that I prefer above all others. I have systems I am more comfortable with such as D&D mainly cause I grew up with it. As for settings I really enjoy ones that are horror/dark ages/mystery. I love Call of Cthulhu, Ravenloft, Gemini, Mechanical Dream, Tribe 8, Jovian Chronicles, anything White Wolf, Scarred Lands, Masque of the Red Death, All Flesh Must be Eaten, Spycraft, Dragonlance, OG, Battle Cattle and many more. I also have the books to match ;) Had a picture from four years ago where me and my friends had two 5'5 ft tall stacks of books/box sets. I know tons more people have double my collection but I'm proud none the less. I prefer in depth games which focus more on thinking then hacking the monsters to bits. I like my fair share of action as well but I've grown away from it to a certain extent. Anyways, I hope that breaks the ice. Great to meet all of you. Ciao!
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Gamer Kids

So, for some reason I've offered to run a game of d20 Star Wars for a band of 11-13 year olds, mostly girls. I've never run anything for someone this young, except for when I was that age and running really, really awful AD&D games. Really awful.

So I was wondering if anyone knew of any online resources, or could offer any advice on the topic. I have some basic ideas of my own, but would love to hear from others.
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