April 24th, 2003


I came in with the drwally train. Mainly because the whole issue of system and what bits we like has come up, and we've been discussing it at length.

I've basically come up with a fast and light set of rules that give me all the things I like in an RPG. Which, this week, amount to extraordinary few rules, combined with interesting mechanics.

What's an interesting mechanic? One where you succeed and blow the roof off the sucker, or fail and earn the wrath of the gods. One where, if you need to roll the dice, you know the result will be fun. Because otherwise why bother?

So, you can check out the first draft over at my journal if that sort of thing interests you. It's basically FUDGE with most of the FU stripped out, combined with the actual mechanical pieces of Deadlands that I enjoy.

Does this fit the bill drwally outlined? Hell no. It's not a system that evokes a setting - but that's not the intent. The intent is to give you fun dice to roll without all the craptastic mechanics. It makes you work to earn your GM's badge, but that ain't no bad thing, if you ask me.

"I'm ready for my close-up..."

I never did introduce myself - which I suppose is neither here nor there, as I haven't made a 'regular' post here. So, either way. I'm Jenna, and hello there.

Some random wandering thoughts™ [much akin to Random Wandering Monsters :P ]...

Roleplaying. Love it.

Systems? d20 is nice, though I mourned all the knowledge that I had stored from 2nd edition being made 'useless'. I mean, I spent years learning the system and had it down well enough to DM without using much in the way of source books.... just in time for it to change. Now that I'm getting the real hang of some of the trickier mechanics of 3rd ed... 3.5 is coming. Yeesh. I shouldn't fret [and generally I don't], since I only use what I need/want.

Forms? I love story. Story story story. I write fiction. I'd say prolifically, but lately I haven't the time to be prolific. And unfortunately all the time I've spent on writing fiction has culminated in a big pile of... nothing. Character stories. Shorts that describe instances in rp. That's all. I love them anyway.

I've done a lot of "free form" roleplaying in online games. Some may laugh... I do. Ultima Online is a sick addiction. But I like it for the free form possibilities when you get together with a group of like-minded individuals [read: other roleplayers] of a particular calibur.

Campaign's I've been in... AD&D [Forgotten Realms predominately, a few home-brewed worlds...I, like most gamers, could go on for hours about them], Cyberpunk. I played a game of Shadowrun [a couple sessions before the dm dropped it], some of our 2nd ed games ...leaked into Ravenloft. Played two whole sessions of Vampire, two different games. That's another game where you have to have quality players, or it just turns into a cheese-fest.

Currently I am preparing to run a campaign based on FFG's newest setting release: Midnight. It's beautiful. Low-magic. Evil rules the world. No gods...well, except THE god of evil who is trapped on the plane. No planar travel. So on and so forth. *pets it* My precioussssss.....


A friend of mine loves the 7th Sea setting [she's never played a pnp game, but did a lot of free form in UO, and was thus introduced to real gaming...] but because everything is being assimilated to d20, she picked up the Swashbuckler book [she loves pirates, rogues, swashbucklers, and drow]. She is talking with my current DM to see about incorporating the base Swashbuckler class into the Heartlands Campaign [the game I am currently in].

Hmm. What else? Nothing much. With Midnight and its special flavor of stuff, I intend on blending things from other settings, altering prestige classes, and studying up on non-magical special items.

So, that's me :)
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suxgungimli, xposted

i made another account to keep track of my campaign as i develop it. its friends only because i don't want my players (at least one of whom is on LJ) to find out anything before i want them to. if you'd like to read along or make suggestions friend sixgungimli and i'll friend you back. its based on the old west but using magic and dnd races.

Sorry to follow the crowd...

But I suppose after having commented on and off for a while, I too should drop an intro.

My name is Mark, I'm from Louisville KY, and I'm a gamer. Right now I'm running a Farscape d20 game, and in the past have had lots of fun with Traveller, Star Frontiers, the various World of Darkness games, Legend of the Five Rings, Over The Edge, both versions of Marvel Super Heroes, Feng Shui, and All Flesh Must Be Eaten, with other experience in The Babylon Project, Shadowrun, Legionnaire, Mechwarrior, Star Wars (WEG), and of course the venerable old D&D. I'm sure there are others, but hey...

I seem to generally prefer GMing to playing, though I have no problem with the latter. I also have a hard time going to movies and such, because seeing something generally makes me wish I could run a game in that particular gerne. Perhaps I could start writing more and exploit the inspirations that way, but I've had so little extra time lately.

Otherwise, I tend to be of eclectic interests, generally following up on something on a whim, or just because I think it's neat. I think my interests list gives a good overview, but it's no guarantee something isn't missing.
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Jumping on the Bandwagon

Like all of you, I'm addicted to this unique medium.
Partly because my I love to indulge my over active imagination
Partly because I love reading and writing with a passion that borders on obsession.
Maybe it was the first D&D game I played (in the early 80's, with my mom, of all people- I remember a small cardboard box, complete with module for the budding GM, and a 20 sided die.) They say that the first 10 years of your life leave indelible marks on your personality, so maybe I should thank her. (or blame her)

I'm what you might call a "gaming whore" in some respects. This does not mean that my classic archetype in every chronicle is the scantily clad bimbo that perpetually has to be rescued. It just means that I will try any system once, if opportunity arises. I never know where I will find inspiration, so I try to approach each universe with an open mind.

I do have favorites, of course. I have gaming idiosyncrasies and preferences, like everyone else.
Some of these include:
Most of White Wolf. I haven't had much experience with the latest introductions to their extensive library, but I look forward to learning more about them. I have an unhealthy obsession for anything WoD, especially Masquerade and Mage. I spent years playing Vampire in free form, and loved the writing creativity, character/plot developments that it provided. I also thrive on the GM controlled -e-mail- or post driven style,
Again, that's the writer in me. I'm currently in a *massive* tabletop Mage campaign that has spanned on and off for years. The GM is a bit tyrannical, but his plots are intricate, and he provides a mental challenge. I say tyrannical because he prefers the 1st Ed. Mage.
I'd love to experiment with the new rules, alas, I haven’t had the opportunity.

Its been awhile since I've played any derivative of the D&D I started with, but I still love it. I think if I had the choice of universes to visit, it would be that one. The closest I've come to that in real life is working the Renaissance Faire.

A few GURPS based games. My favorite so far is based on my favorite series of books, The DiscWorld by Terry Pratchett.
Cyberpunk, and occasional Shadowrun. Extremely insane Call of Cuthulu, and various other games I cant recall at the moment...

This is probably a good time to beg, plead and hope that there are others out there that feel similar.
Namely, I miss playing Vampire so much, I'm looking for some kind of outlet via internet. Email, posting boards, free form, Mush, whatever.
If anyone could refer me in the right direction, I'd be eternally grateful.

Any recs for new systems/worlds to play in would be fun too.
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Quick Question for the D+D DMs/GMs

I'm in the process of starting a new adventure... and needless to say, I've filled up my card with plenty of NPC's important events and all that good stuff.
I THINK, repeat THINK, I have an intresting and compeling story for my players.

The question to ask though is it right to give a minor artifact such as the Deck of Many Things to an early group? I know Artifacts are one of a kind and normally I avoid them like a chicken with it's head cut off.

The adventure I have planned as so far is for a lvl 4 party to go to epic levels.
I'm giving each player a symbol from the Deck of Many Things and having their cards draw each of them together to begin the adventure as lackies to a more powerful character to complete the group, the more powerful NPC is going to be giving them the Deck of Many Things and then sending them on their way to complete a few tasks for them.
Is it a good idea to do that, or should I start to look at something a little less chaotic for them to have, as we know the Deck of Many Things can cause good AND bad to happen to the users at the pull of a card.
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Pendragon's Corner

By way of introduction ...

I'm a grad student at the Univ of California, Riverside, studing medieval literature and comics. This means my life is good. I get to write my dissertation on comics; does it get much better?

Don't talk to me about money.

I've been gaming for over 20 years and played a whole lotta systems out there. Currently I am in a 3e Dragonlance campaign, where I play Raistlin. He's the crabbiest character I have had for a long time. Recently I've run my own 3e campaign, a little Lord of the Rings, some d20 Modern, and I have a serious itching for Mutants & Masterminds. Past campaigns include Fantasy Hero, Castle Falkenstein, In Nomine, GURPS Riverworld, and so on.

I'm the author of "Broken Kingdoms," a setting for Fantasy Hero released by Hero Games as an electronic book. Also, various articles for SHADIS, Adventurer's Club, and other magazines long since deceased. I did some work for ICE's Middle Earth line and I wrote "Blades: Immortal Steel", the one and only supplement for the Cyberpunk-meets-Highlander game "Legacy."

Right now I am writing a superhero comic entitled "Seventh Son." The scripts for the first couple of issues are on my regular LJ page. Some Hero game stuff is there too.


Hello all...

Thought I would join this comunity since I'm always playing RPG's and take an active interest in most things to do with it.

I come from the Midlands in the UK and mostly end up playing games every Wednesday at the local games club that I help run.

I mostly play Cthuhlu, Starwars (WEG version), Ironclaw and Aberrant (and anything else that takes my fancy.

Have numerous other games that await me to GM or play (read as; get my head round the rules then teach the other players how to play as well).

Main question I wanted to ask people in here was if anyone had heard of a game I recently purchaced (about 5 hours ago online :P ). It's called The Riddle Of Steel and I'm rather taken by the descriptions on the site (enough to want to buy it). Anyone else play or heard of it before?

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