April 17th, 2003

Quick Question for Rifts Players and GMS

A friend of mine told me that Vampires from Rifts aren't allowed to keep any psychic abilities from previous RCCS or Classes and that all magic they had in former classes is halved...

That said... I don't remember reading about that when writing up the character and my friend said he say it in the Vampire Book, I didn't see it in there, not going to say I read every word page by page, but I didn't see anything where it talked about former Psionics.

The character I created, just for more background info, was a mind melter that had specilized in healing and with sensitives no attack abilites for them and then got turned into a vampire...

Could someone please clear up the issue, can vampires keep former psi powers or must they be, as my friend told me, completely destroyed in the wake of the new vampire psi powers?

Thank you all folks. :)
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Downhill slope to Hell...

My 7th Sea game has but two episodes left to it. In our last adventure, I finally got around to sinking Caligari Island, naturally with the players smack dab in the middle of it. Now they head to Eisen for a brief sidebar before their final destination...Carbora.

I'm contemplating what to run next. My current group is about to PCS en masse and I'm recruiting new players. However, they're all D&D-only in their experience. I refuse to use Swashbuckling Adventures since it, IMNSHO, surgically removes everything that made 7th Sea cool. I have a Ravenloft campaign written, but I'm nervous about a horror campaign amidst the hack-n-slash crowd. Next month I'll be picking up the new Babylon 5 core rulebook...so many choices.

Moment of the game: My beloved spouse's character finds her long-lost, presumed dead father and rescues him from Caligari's clutches. He tells her that the O'Tooles sold him out to the Vodacce long ago...right before Roland O'Toole puts a bullet in him. The ship's surgeon works wonders as they attempt to navigate the ship out of the path of the crumbling Caligari towers, but the pilot has a Sorte Curse on him that picks that particular moment to roll 10s (I let Curse dice explode, it seems only fair ;) ) The ship unexpectedly veers into the path of a falling tower and dear old Dad is crushed into the sea just as he's about to reveal a vital piece of daughter's heritage. Ahh...angst, how it sings to me.
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Weird Question?

Hmm. weird question, asked by a friend without an LJ for me to ask all of you, since I have no clue about this..

Does anyone know where to find the third ed D&D stuff on Errant Knights (I think having much to do with the Forgotten Realms setting), that isn't in the 3rd ed book?

Thanks much, either way ^_^
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