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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Monday, April 14th, 2003
12:17a - Session Extravaganza
Double Gaming Report
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current mood: groggy

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9:23a - A Night In The Life
A quick mini-rant before I cut to the text. Some comments got me thinking (not offended, just thinking) about people who assume things. I've noticed, on and off-line, that if you use some of the more arcane rules, or "official" story points, that some people will attack you like you're a rules monger.

"Oh, you actually use the Niktuku in the book? I use my own version, I think they're a lot more fair..."

What the hell? Like your made up version is any more appropriate than the version by the people who created the whole thing? Well, actually, the answer is yes it could be, but it could be my way is more appropriate for my game.

It seems there is a sub-genre of gamers who like to take every opportunity to whip it out and measure it, regardless of the situation.

"What? You actually use d10's for White Wolf? *scoff* I always use d20's, it's much more fair."

(Fair always seems to be the argument, too...)

But of course, no one can win, because someone else will say,

"What? You actually use dice? We play table top, but we always act out the scene, it's much more dramatic. And more fair..."

*sigh* The patience of most gamers must be close to that of Job. Which would bring me into next week's rant, "Gamers who loathe each other, and the games they play together anyways"

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9:58p - Where is the line...
Inspired by this post about a furry who goes to my school. His self expression walks that line between 'helping the public accept gamer culture as just an ammusing varient' and 'convincing the world we are all a bunch of freaks'.

However, most of us have met people like this. We all do it on occasion of course, brag about how cool a game was, or how badass our characters are. Heck, there are people who I otherwise like who I get sick of hearing about how neat and nifty their character concept/stats are, ESPECIALLY their stats (ESPECIALLY when they are an NPC who was just handed those stats), and the concept thing is mostly due to me having not quite as much knowledge/investment in the world/system and viewing it as a medium rather than a thing.

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