April 12th, 2003

A Hero will save me just in time

Session 1.5

So vicskywalker and I ran through our events of that evening of elysium, and let's just say, we actually accomplished something this time.
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Welp, I'm actually getting a bit tired, right now, and will post the rest of this tomorrow, cause it actually was kinda cool.
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How to start a D&D 3e game

I have wanted to run a game of my own but so far have not got around to doing so. I have run games before but not in a long time. I have had fun creating stories and source material from scratch but right now I lack the inspiration, or haven't dedicated enough time to it.

For GMs: Any tips on running a game from a module so that it doesn't seem too canned? If one is going to create his own game world, what's a good place to start? Do you prefer creating the whole world from scratch, or would you usually want to run a game in an existing game world (like Forgotten Realms) where you make up the story but the setting is already established?

For players: If you have played in a game based on a module (or perhaps multiple modules using the same characters) did you feel like the game was less creative, less spontaneous, or less fun in any way? If you have had a good experience with a game where the GM used a module, what did you like about it? Did you notice the GM doing specific things to tweak the module for your group, or make it fit in with the overall campaign story?

Thanks for any feedback.


Thanks for all the lovely answers to my presentation plea for help - I now have loads of info and my main task will be keeping it down to 3 minutes :)
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