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Friday, April 11th, 2003
12:40a - Call me Ishmael. Or at least newbie.
I haven't done any off computer RPGs since freshman year in high school and I was wondering where a good place to find a group local to San Diego to hook up to is? Any help would be nice.

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2:01a - crossposted from my journal...
well, I did a lot of updating on my map, and I scanned in the new changes tonight. so, here it is, the third upload of my campaign map in progress. it is about 720 k or so, so expect a goodly sized download.
if you want a look at the progress, the first upload was here.
the second upload was here.

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9:32a - Half a week late.
Well, I'm back from the World, where I spent half a week camping in snow up to here. Yum.

Game update.

My first actual session of Silver Age Sentinels went swimmingly.Collapse )

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