April 9th, 2003


an intro - as it were.

hi. i've been watching for ages but just "joined" tonight. i've been into rpgs since high school, but have never actually played. (sad, i know) i'd love to, i'm only really very interested in table-top games. most of my experience lies with White wolf. blah. having not had much experience, don't expect me to post too often.

p.s. i'm in manhattan. feel free to contact me if you're in the area and looking for a player!
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How to explain Roleplay in 3 minutes - I need to include LARP!

Sigh. OK, the background to this is that I am on a work presentation course and have to do 2 talks: 1 x 3 min on any subject, no slides plus 1 x 10 min, any subject, with slides etc.

For the 3 minute I want to explain what RP is and why some apparantly sane adults want to spend x hours per week/month playing make believe. This is for the 23 April.

Some one at a uni talk (Killercon2000) stated the 4 reasons to RP were: Socialising, Escapism, Catharsis, Education.

So - HELP - why do you Rp?
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