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Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
8:50a - 7th Sea LARP rules?
I'm looking to run a 7th Sea LARP next semester, and I'd like to know if there are any solid LARP conversions of the rules and where I can find them. (Same goes for L5R since the tabletop systems are pretty similar). My web searches have turned up nothing, so hopefully you can help me out a bit.

Thanks in advance,

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12:42p - Now that everyone knows everyone else...
Before getting to an actual plot recap (which I was too tired to do last time), let me clarify the whole, vampire in the Umbra thing.

Portals can be opened to the umbra. Back in the Dark Ages, they were in a castle with an odd looking mirror. The idea was the mirror had enough charge to open once (to the Umbra). I had planned on one character getting trapped, exploring the umbral version of the castle, getting the crap beat out of him by a passing werewolf... you know, good times. The others would have to unravel the secret of the mirror to free him. Sadly, the smartest character got pulled in with the Malk. There, they did Bad Things, which broke the gauntlet, etc., etc.

The whole story was set up as a complete WoD crossover, allowing the characters to be nearly anything they wanted. So, of course, they all chose vampires. Now the game is set as VtM (with a side of KOE) and the rest of the WoD has backed off from their city. The fact this hasn't scared them yet is testament to tunnel vision and obliviousness. Ah well, makes my job more fun.

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5:34p - Vampire clannage
Disclaimer: Everyone I've met who plays a White Wolf game seems to think that you must adhere to the history and exact wording of the text in almost every supplement that comes out (some people I know who play in a Forgotten Realms campaign are like this too). I've seen Vampire players get quagmired in endless debates about which clan is tougher, whether the Sabbat are truly evil, and why White Wolf had to change something insiginficant in the last book that was released. Personally I don't understand the need to have a campaign world that is exactly like someone else's world. I like to keep my campaigns creatively pure, and my players on their toes, so I tend to alter things when I decide to GM a particular campaign. Also, I believe creativity can only flourish when new ideas are brought up and discussed, so without intending to offend anyone, here is my interpretation of what the clans mean...

They don't mean anything. They are an interesting way of starting a character concept, but in regular vampire society talking about clans and bloodlines is like talking about skin color and genetics, there is very little control anyone has over how they are brought into vampire society so having allegiance to a particular bloodline is effectively like being a racist. This doesn't mean that there isn't racism on both human and vampiric levels, but just that it is looked down upon by "younger" vampires.
The "elder" hatreds remain, elders secretly or actively try to depose one another, but in my games more vampires choose to be anarchs and refuse to be beholden to ancient grudge matches.
Of course, in my campaign world there is also no Camarilla or Sabbat, and Caine is a myth (though the Book of Nod isn't).

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