April 6th, 2003

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In the interest of promoting discussion

Though I won't comment on (*cough*) previous posts about this - if the moderator (we do have a moderator, right?) chooses, they can exert their control directly - I felt I should rephrase and repost this.

What suggestions would you have for someone whose SO / friend is addicted to EverCrack or variants thereof? Are / were *you* addicted to it, and if so, how did you stop? Or do you think that using the term 'addiction' is unfair in the first place, and thus 'stopping' is irrelevant?

(Yes, I know about secondtomu.)
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Top 10 reasons for not running a game of my own

In the interest of posting something on-topic, here are my top 10 reasons for not running a game of my own

10. Too busy watching Law & Order.
9. My apartment is too small.
8. Don't have a module that I like enough.
7. Don't have a home-grown story that I like enough.
6. Um, some of the gamers might be allergic to cats?
5. Too busy making important (but minor) changes to the servers at home.
4. Really shouldn't start the tabletop game until we have the posting forum, NWN module, companion MUSH, etc. all worked out (see related lists :)
3. Can't decide what genre to play.
2. Can't decide what game system to play in.
1. Brain is tired after stressful day at work. Gaming requires thought, TV doesn't.


I try not to be too heavy handed with this community but poeticsadness has been banned at the request of members of the community.

Also, if you are going to post anything enormous (2 pages or so), please LJ-Cut it. It tends to annoy some of our readers to have to scroll through monstrous entries.

One other thing

If someone is posting something that is off topic, spamming, or basically being an ass then please contact me. I haven't been reading that much of LJ recently and so I can't catch all the annoying people on here. So in the future, if someone is breaking the rules then please just let me know.

I'll be ruthless. I'll be merciless. I'll be the moderator you all crave.

I'll ban the shit out of the perp and I wont even cry about it.

That's what being Cobra Commander... I mean the Moderator... is all about.
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So, since I can't post a reply, let me type this to poeticsadness. If the things people said don't bother you, why did you sink to "our" level, and basically say that we have nothing better to do with our time than to insult you? I don't know about anybody else, but it seemed rather childish to me. I could be mistaken, though, and be the child here.

But in other news, the vamp game my fiancée is STing hasn't started, but I may actually get to go sit in on a session of Star Wars D20 with the first gaming group I joined. Now if I could only find my character for that game. I know she's around here somewhere...A fun little Twi'lek Tech Specialist Jedi Guardian that is a character in a fan fiction I have been writing on and off again about a family of Force Sensitive Twi'leks. Angst central really, but eh. If you guys really wanted to here about that, you can email me, and I'll send you the basic info.
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Seeking advice-
My girlfriend is interested in learning/playing Werewolf The Apocolypse
Unfortunately, since I'm not currently part of a game, i can't speak to a DM and get her involved.
I've offered to dm her myself (she wants to play a Glass Walker) but I need help...
I've never really DM'd before, so I could use any/all advice anyone can spare on how to do it.