April 3rd, 2003


Finding Modules

My local gaming store used to carry a good supply of modules so I could go and flip through and see what was available and appealed to me.

They moved recently and seem to have almost nothing now.

I'm going to have to resort to buying all my modules on line now, I guess, so I was looking for some advice.

Is there a site anywhere that catalogs all the available d20 stuff? I want somewhere that I can go and look and see what my choices are, instead of trying to find every d20 publisher on the web and search them one at a time.

If there's note a site like that, what I'm looking for right now, is modules in the level 14-16 range. If anyone can suggest anything good in that range, I'd appreciate it.

Question for the community

Howdy guys, recently joined your community, I've been playing since 2nd ed D+D... and the two groups I'm with cover large amounts of ground, 3rd D+D, Shadowrun, Paladium, Rifts, D20 modern which I've yet to play, Call of Cthulu, the new 3rd ed Ravenloft, Marvel, Abberant, Werewolf, Vampire, Hunter, and a remake of the Marvel system for DC.

I'm a sometimes game master and most times player, I however do run D+D and I've picked up all the books for Everquest, I've judged Everquest as way to power heavy for the group we're in, we only have 1 power/meta gamer in our group.

My question however comes in the form of a play test question. One of the other DM's for D+D helped me to create a race for my new D+D world, a feline race, depending on how good this race is I might introduce the others the dog race, the bird race, luckily they provided us with the Lizard Men to make up for the lizard race.
The question I have is how does one play test a creature you were planning on running as nothing more then an NPC? As a gm/dm whatever you wanna call me, I don't like having characters in the party, I think it worsens my ability to be an effective GM. However my players seem to like my style and have asked me to run my failed world... **sighs and shakes head** That campgain was a dissapointment to say the least and I don't want this world to turn into that world.
I orgionally started this playtest at a traveling fair but I'm drawing a blank as to where to go from here.
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The Last Shadowrun

Howdy guys, at the suggestion of JrCubIndy and a few of my other friends online I decided I would post the latest Shadowrun the group did... or more specifically give you the details and let you think about them and reply.

Characters and who players them
Me - Amilya Morgan, Christian Hastings, John Rick "Anime Hunter" Jones, Paladin Sharpshot, Fumiye Asano, Kei Yitsuhoma, April “Fixer” Foxx, and Ole Joe Smith (Yeah I know I have tons of characters I enjoy making characters and making back grounds, you should see how many I have in rifts. ;) )
Nate – Kraken, Pellisten (A jumping spider of some sort), and JR
Alex – Craw, Angelic
Eric – Hiyabusa
My brother Eric – Wyatt and Guy Samurai the Samurai guy (He has amnesia)
Ryan (JrCubIndy and Nate’s Roommate and our resident Meta and Power Gamer created a 16D attack in a shadowrun game) – Hentai AKA Etai
GM (David Bruce) – Oracle, Requiem, Windsword & Drifter
Don – Tiberious and Morgan
JrCubIndy - Gunbunny

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