March 31st, 2003

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A Successful Sunday

Double-game Sundays continue!

d20 Modern went well. It was the finale of the story arc, and the players realized that sitting on 20+ Action Points (they are all 4th lvl and previously treated APs as a "never more than once a session" resource) was pointless... ...and oh how they spent them.

In fact, as GM I found it a little frustrating, as most of the die-rolling occurred in the final few minutes of the game (a rollicking fire-fight in a burnt-out chalet, looking for the Interdimensional Portal they wanted to destroy, to keep Burlington Vermont safe from extradimensional bad people)and the players each spent about 10 APs.

Good cliff-hanger, with the players totally unsure what happened to their characters.

The intermission was filled with Char-gen quizzes for Silver Age Sentinels. As a Champions junkie for almost 20 years I always have trouble wrapping my head around other systems, especially when they are similar in style (ie, buy power, assign special effect, modify power with stuff).

After a run home for dinner (apparently it was international pizza day) it was back for Exalted.

It was a really strange session: Collapse )

Despite my belly-aching I think the GM is doing a great job. The story is intriguing, the action exciting, and the challenge almost insurmountable.

We went a little late last night, but not in a bad way.

Overall Weekend Rating 4.1/5
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Kicking out players?

Just curious.

What would it take for you to want a player out of your campaign, or not to include a specific one in the first place? How would you go about this?

I ask b/c it's a recent occurence in my own group, and I'm just curious what others have to say and think about this kind of thing in general.
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If this is inappropriate here, I'll be happy to delete it

How do you handle participating in a game with a person you have SERIOUS personal conflict with? (I'm talking history of abuse, threats, stalking, etc.) I'm about to go into a LARP run by a very close friend of mine, and I have this suspicion that my ex, who I've cut completely out of my life, is going to be there. I don't want to cause a conflict for my friend's game. I do believe that if he (my friend, the ST) were made to choose, he'd prefer to have me in the game than my ex. Oh, and he doesn't even really know about the personal issues between the two of us.

I'm just wondering the best way to handle this without putting a lot of extra stress on the ST or myself, and without managing to have my ex come back into my life.

Help with a Deadlands Character

I'm starting to play in a Deadlands (which is now free) campaign for the first time and would like some help on my character. My character concept is a traveling preacher who's vice is women. I have a good sense of what he's about, but what I don't know is how he should talk. His stats make him charismatic and he has a lot of persuasion type skills, so I'm thinking he'll have an outgoing, boisterous personality. I don't know how people in general and Christian preachers specifically talked back then.

Anyone have any references on this sort of thing?

More gamers needed.

3rd Ed Gamers Needed

My name is Nolan I'm currently running a 3rd ed game in the Forgotten Realms setting that I'm looking for some more players. We meet on Wednesday nights in Northern VA for the game. It runs every wednesday from 7pm - midnight. I currently have a cleric, and a fighter type. I'm playing an NPC rogue. This campaign will take your character from 7-12 level to 29th or so level. You will in the end have an epic character!

If you wish to find out more info about my game that I'm running please see the website that I have set up for it. choose D&D and check it out.

I have some rules that you may want to see / check out!

If anybody is interested in playing. I am open to all alignments I am also willing to work with anyone who doesn't know 3rd to get you up to par. I have a good party set up but they need a lot of help. Since they are going into Undermountain & Waterdeep is in ruins. This isn't a campaign that was written in a book. This is 100% made up by the DM - ME -.

Please any comments would be welcome!


P.S. We will also end up moving the game in May to Saturdays for all those that are interested.
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