March 26th, 2003

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A d20 Modern point

One of the recent columns at discusses non-lethal combat. It cites:
"It's true that if two such characters simply trade blow after blow, neither will ever be knocked out, and neither will ever suffer any real injury. When you think about it, that's actually pretty realistic."

Well I'm not a violent man, but I've worked in bars and hung out in bars, and in the Army I've often been witness to the darker side of humanity.

I have never seen a fist-fight last more than one minute, and few even make it that far.

The "all-or-nothing" system makes a nice addition to piling on the damage, but I think the damage should still be done.

Currently I'm keeping 1/4 of non-lethal damage as real damage at the end of the fight, and being driven to 0 hits by cumulative damage in non-lethal forces a character to flee or cower.

Just a thought.

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MonCon - Tinton Falls, NJ

Those of you not in the area, please forgive the NJ-centric post.

MonCon is coming up this weekend, and I think I'll be going. It's close enough to home that I can commute, and money's as issue these days.

Anyone else on the community going to MonCon this year?

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fwoomp redux

The Player Character Toolbox

(Decided to avoid the abbreviation, as there's way too many alternate meanings.)

This is one of the little thoughtseeds that I've been nurturing for a while.

When presented with obstacles in games, the typical player character reaction tends to be the use of one of these four tools:

Force. Hit it until it dies.
Charm. Talk to it until it goes away or changes sides.
Bribery. Apply money or influence until it goes away, changes sides, or is well-hidden enough to forget about.
Research. Study it until you figure out which of the preceding three will be most effective, then apply it.

(There's a fifth option -- Manipulation of the GM or other authority figure until the problem is resolved on a meta level -- but that's considered gauche in most circles.)

Are there any significant "tools" that I've missed?

(no subject)

I just wish to point out that I am disappointed with the actions of poeticsadness. I know this is offtopic, and for that I apologise. However, I feel that this needs to be said, and as this was the community that the actions took place in, I feel it should be the users of this community who I share my thoughts with.

For those who missed the action, I am referring to this post. Poeticsadness made her post explaining her thoughts on addiction to MMORPGs such as EQ. It was interesting, and most definitely relevant to the community. However, once people started commenting on the post, she started to remove replies by people that she disagreed with, or found 'mean'. This included for example, a post made by someone who suggested she must be new here, as that showed some sort of 'attitude', in sptie of the fact that the poster was trying to help by informing her of a community created specifically to deal with these scenarios.

I expressed my thoughts on the matter, and I know I for one felt that if you post to a community, you should expect replies and comments you may not agree with. Your own journal is the place where you deserve the respect of people who read it. But in a community, I think that when and if you post, you need to be open to alternative viewpoints. It's a learning experience for all of us.

Poeticsadness has now apparently disabled comments completely on the post, and all of the previous posts to the entry have been lost to the void. I don't know about anyone else, but I feel that you have done us all a great wrong Poeticsadness. As you have removed the ability for me to share my thoughts in the place I would prefer to do it, I have had to post it here. I apologise to everyone else if they aren't interested in the subject, but I feel that the issue does need to be raised and discussed, and it needs to be done in an environment where people are not going to lose their post to the void and where they can say what they think, even if you don't agree.

So what does everyone else think? Be honest? I would like to here peoples thoughts on the matter, most especially yours Poeticsadness...
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