March 24th, 2003


Ground Zero session 21: 03/23/03

Here is the weekly update for my game. I'm cutting it to protect the innocent, though it should make more sense now than last weeks. After last weeks drama, and discussing with my players, I've also created a community journal just for my games, named drews_games. I'll be posting more stuff for my game there, such as character updates, NPC info, news broadcasts and the palyers that took a Journal disad will be posting there as well. So if you like the game synopsis I posted a few weeks back, and were interested in following it just for fun feel free to check it out.

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Where to sell RPG stuff?

I have a whole lot of RPG stuff I want to sell. A ton of old West End D6 Star Wars stuff, some White Wolf, some bits and pieces like R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk, etc.

Anybody know of any stores that will buy used RPG stuff for a decent value? I'd rather not entrust them to eBay if I can avoid it.