March 23rd, 2003

Heart of glass

Characters say the darnedest things...

A human spy character of mine is fairly indifferent to just about everyone but the Dark Elf she serves. She's neutral toward most other races, like Elves, Dark Elves, Humans, etc. But she can't stand things like Orcs and Trolls and Goblins, etc, any kind of race that she sees as "dirty", a race that doesn't exactly practice good personal hygiene... Anyhow, she just made this comment regarding those "dirty" races....

"If you routinely enjoy smelling like you haven't mastered the fine art of wiping your ass, you're not high enough on the food chain to warrant enough respect to get you even so much as indifference."
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Elven Brooch

*awesome* gaming session

I had such a great time playing this session last night, I had to share! I'm currently involved in...probably the most fun gaming campaign I've ever been in on. D&D 3rd Edition.

The "cast":
Gavin (me) - half-elf rogue, male
Gretel - dwarven babarian, female
Fnipper - gnome illusionist, female
Cill'dara - human wizard, female
Kosh - human cleric, male
Sarcen - human ranger, male

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I don't even know if anyone will read all that, but damn! It was such an exciting session, and so cool, and I really thought that thing in the cloak was going to kill us (to the sounds of "Smack My Bitch Up" at that)!! And now we're part of a prophesy?! Awesome stuff, had to share!
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3rd Ed Gamers Needed


My name is Nolan I'm currently running a 3rd ed game in the Forgotten Realms setting that I'm looking for some more players. We meet on Wednesday nights in Northern VA for the game. It runs every wednesday from 7pm - midnight. I currently have a cleric, and a fighter type. I'm playing an NPC rogue. This campaign will take your character from 7-9 level to 29th or so level. You will in the end have an epic character!

If you wish to find out more info about my game that I'm running please see the website that I have set up for it. choose D&D and check it out.

I have some rules that you may want to see / check out!

If anybody is interested in playing. I am open to all alignments I am also willing to work with anyone who doesn't know 3rd to get you up to par. I have a good party set up but they need a lot of help. Since they are going into Undermountain & Waterdeep is in ruins. This isn't a campaign that was written in a book. This is 100% made up by the DM - ME -.

Please any comments would be welcome!

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