March 21st, 2003

  • arisa

This is my crappy self-introduction ^_^

'Evening ^_^ (yes, there will be more of the sickly-sweet faces to follow)

My name is Arisa, and I like to roleplay (...). I'm 20 years old, and I've been roleplaying for at least most of my (im)mature life. Tabletop, LARP, online, AIM (I read somewhere on here that people apparently don't like AIM rp.. Ah well! To each their own, ne? ^_^), text-pad, and even through over the phone, when boredom really sets in.

I play a lot of fantasy, and I like it sortof dark, with a bit of a romantic twist, but I'm not into fairy tales. With modern things, I like 'em much the same, with a smidgeon of a fantasy element to them--ie: magic, demons, ancient power-filled artifacts, etc. I like Japanese-themed games, so BESM games are generally right up my ally.

I play male and female characters, of both hetero and homosexual prefrence, and I love testing my limits as a gamer. I've made mistakes, and will likely continue to in the future, but I like to think that I'm a fun person to have a game with. ^_^

I do dm/gm/st/whatever on occasion, though it's as the player where I find the most fun in a game. I think I can truly shine when I can bring a made-from-scratch character up from a nothing into a rounded individual with thoughts and emotions, traits and flaws, and a in doing so I really try to instill a sort of humanity about them. I strive to play a character that, when described, someone might say "Your buddy sounds pretty cool, when can I meet him/her?". Someone who'll fool others into thinking that I'm talking about a living, breathing person. ^^;; does that make me a freak? *giggle*

I'm an artist as my main focus and job, so a lot of what I play shows up in my work. I do an extensive amount of original character work, as well as commissions; and as much as I'd love to show off and give you my site url, it's down temporarily. ><*

My worst gaming experiance was when I just kept blatantly missing the obvious, for nearly an hour, and literally caused the dm to force my character into 'stumbling' onto the right path. It was really rather embarassing, but I've learned one key thing from it: If there is only a room with you, and a couch, sit on the damn couch.

My best was probably.. *thinks* When I managed to kill the end boss of the game in one strike. It was my second go into AD&D, and I had a vorpal scythe. I hit the lucky number 20, and off with his head. It was very satisfying, let me tell you... What led up to it, though.. *swoon* My character, Lynne, is drow. Her hair is pure silver-white, and her skin is ebony. Her eyes are a bright shade of vermillion, and she's a rogue. Her cloak was fashioned from raven feathers and enchanted to become a pair of wings once a night, and it being night-time, I was able to make a charisma check and have her be both beautiful and intimidating, which was difficult for her, since she usually spent 99.9% of her time hiding under her hood, because Drow are not well liked among the surface peoples. Anyway, she spun the scythe in her hands, slow, to show off the size of the thing and just how keen the blackened blade was, and flaired her wings. It didn't hurt that I managed to get the initiative on the attack, and Boom! three combat rounds later, the boss is dead. I still get giddy over that. =^_^=

Lastly, I wanted to say this: If any of this has come off to you as bragging or boasting, I'm sorry! ^^* that wasn't my intent at all. I thought, with this being an rp community, that it would be okay for me to relate one of the happier moments of my gaming experience, as well as what things I've done in the past. I'm usually pretty shy and reserved, though online I tend to be bouncy and full of energy (I have no idea why). I'm pretty easy-going and laid back, and I don't often get too upset about any one thing. I'm very glad this community is here, and I hope that I can learn something from each of you, and hopefully I can share something in return.

Thanks for reading through this, and giving me a chance! ^_^