March 18th, 2003

Eternity Shard Bright

How cool is that?

This from EN World d20 System news

Both "Dungeons and Dragons" (sic) and "D and D" (sic) have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The additions were officially made on 13 March 2003.

    Dungeons and Dragons, n.

    A proprietary name for: a fantasy role-playing game set in an imaginary world based loosely on medieval myth, in which players' characters undertake (individual) quests at the direction of a player in the role of the Dungeon Master, who dictates the nature of their environment, the obstacles they are to overcome, etc.; abbreviated D & D. Also allusively: a situation or undertaking likened to a game of Dungeons and Dragons, esp. in involving a complex and unpredictable sequence of events, out of the control of the protagonist.

    1974 E. G. GYGAX & D. ARENESON (title) Dungeons & Dragons: rules for fantastic medieval wargames campaigns playable with paper and pencil and minature figures. 1979 N.Y. Times 8 Sept. 10/2 An elaborate version of a bizarre intellectual game called Dungeons and Dragons. 1982 London Rev. Bks. 30 Dec. 7/3 Dungeons and Dragons, with its whole spin-off family of Role-Playing Games, is much easier to categorise. 1987 New Yorker 20 Nov. 110/2 His Global Project reads like an elaborate boys' gamea revolutionaries' Dungeons and Dragons. 1991 Vanity Fair Dec. 90/1 He was slowly, then rapidly, sucked into a kind of covert-ops version of Dungeons & Dragons, with that memo as his guide and Michael Riconosciuto as his Dungeon Master. 1994 Etc. Montréal 15 Feb. 39/1 At the IFFM, beneath a long black leather coat.., Tarantino sports a goth-rock, dungeons-and-dragons type t-shirt, plus jeans and sneakers. 2001 Toronto Star (Electronic ed.) 9 Apr., Computer cousins to paper-and-pen games like Dungeons and Dragons, role-playing video games involve player-created characters moving through fantasy landscapes.



Anyone here enjoying a mild (or even severe) Exalted: Dragon-blooded fanatism or mania? I'm taking part in it with the Uni group here in Finland, and though we have but a few players, the game is splendid! I wish there'd be a couple more of us just in case...

I like games like Praedor of D&D, but when the GM asked me whether I'd be willing to take part in a game that he described as "something like feudal Japan mixed with the Roman Empire" I wasn't interested at first. I thought it would be too much strategy, politics, warfare campaigns and such that I'm not so prolific with... but I agreed and made a character. It turned out way beyond any of my expectations, and now I'm a happy addict. I can't wait to get to play again this week! *lol* So, I just thought I'd post my new fancy and give others the chance of agreeing or criticizing - the choice is yours. G'day, folks.
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