March 5th, 2003

Your happy thought for today

Something that came to me on the way home. Call it page #133 of the Big Black Book.

Dream sequence for a group of players: They're in an asylum, being told that their existence as adventurers/vampires/werewolves/heroes is all a lie and they need to admit to themselves who they really are. For extra creepy points, you can throw in elements of the player's lives. I'm seeing this as a component of a horror game and/or storyline. I like it because it should do something that can be really hard with jaded gamer types: rattle them. "But I'm a Get of Fenris!" "No John, you're just a man who wishes he were stronger than his problems."

Cheers from your friendly neighborhood Bookkeeper.
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Writing up my own bugs

I re-worked the "Stirge" as a Giant Tick. Why bother? Well ticks have an immediate "gross-out" factor, a forearm sized bug burrowing its head in the back of your neck is just more disgusting than a bat-with-probiscus. Tell me what you think!

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