March 2nd, 2003

resurrection at a cost.

I wanted to take a few minutes to take the time and explain that I was indeed joking about the being excluded because I was a girl. it was more of a rule about the guys gf's playing with them. I think there had been some trouble in the past and my bf was gaming with this group which is what got my interest started. I was allowed to play NPC's sometimes. (No, never the Elven Queen) But in time I got bored and didn't the fact that I didn't look up another gaming group was because I was pregnant by then and starting college.

But I would never forget the ARTWORK! There were some very talented people. Even after gaming I was big into Boris and Sweet, Kelly, and so on. I collected nonsport cards by the 1000's. Comicbooks and the sort. I bought them in the same store that sold the DnD stuff of course.

Take the picture I posted earlier. It was Adrian Smith's Beastmen. This was a powerful picture that I associate much like our Real Life pictures of famous soldiers or battlefields with heros in them. Not to mention just a kick ass picture! It was the depiction of the "beast" in "men". The conquering hero moving up the scale of evolution. Thank god we have stopped killing the young of the defeated like animals do right?

Anyway, this is what got me gaming. I was drawn to the figures but it was the discovery of the artwork. paperdragon has quite an extensive collection of gaming material and even develops his own gaming system. It makes sense really. See, he wanted to be God when he grew up. So, he does world building instead. I guess his mom suspected it early and turned him on to fantasy...

It's a labor of love project for him. He's the avid gamer. He got me started back up when 3rd ed. came out but he and I quickly voiced our opinions of levels and classes, and when we survived the "discussion" decided we had what it takes to get married. Now the gf get's to play cuz the bf is the GM. See, I am cursed. *grin* So I decided to get back into the art, which is where I started. Which is where I left off last. and a hello. =]