February 27th, 2003


character concept: the paladin that everybody thinks is a thief

You see standing before you, an unwashed waif of a girl. Her skin pale, her muscles lean, her clothing tattered and old, she seems barely aware of her surroundings. A strong push may knock her off her feet, but something in her eyes burns with fierce attention and apt cunning. The short sword on her hip, and the dagger in her hand tell you that she is not in the mood to talk.

Elsera was once a thief but was visited by Tymora in a dream telling her that as long as she continued to steal from those in need then ruin would follow wherever she went. Not believing at first, Elsera continued to steal and found that whatever she stole caused her to get into more trouble.
She stole a bag from a traveler at an inn and upon opening it discovered it was filled with body parts. Disgusted and afraid, she found refuge at a temple to Tymora and was visited again by the goddess, the deity spoke to her "The next time you steal, you will be caught, you will be tried for crimes you did not commit, and you will die." In despair, Elsera cried out "Why are you doing this to me? Aren't you a goddess of love and understanding?" Tymora's eyes grew black, she towered over Elsera and bellowed, her breath smelling of smoke "The dice do not always fall favorably Elsera!" She paused and Elsera closed her eyes, fearing her life was at an end "There is a peasant girl named Druella, she is only seventeen, orphaned and alone, you stole all she had, eighteen gold, her life, her dowry. Despite her sadness and anger, she remains dedicated to me, but she can no longer feel love for others. You took her life away, and now she is bitter and cold to all who approach her."
Beneath the goddess's gaze, shrouded by her words, Elsera began to weep. "Please! What do you want from me?" Tymora continued to glare at Elsera, but a smile crept across her lips. "From this moment forward, your life is mine. I forbid you to carry wealth of your own, I forbid you to wear anything expensive, and finally, I forbid you to make any effort toward looking attractive or presentable. Defy me, and you shall never know peace." At that moment, Elsera clasped her hands to her chest and made her vows with Tymora, vows of humility and poverty.
Tymora reached out with a bronze-colored hand "Rise Elsera. My first task for you, track the man whose bag you stole this evening, and give him what is rightfully his. You will be rewarded by the city guard, it is your decision what to do with the money you receive." The vision of Tymora faded and Elsera stood with a newfound confidence "I will find the murderer, and I will bring him to justice, and then I will find Druella and give her the reward."
Elsera stepped out of the temple into the night, her life would never be the same...

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