February 25th, 2003


system for a pulp game?

I'm running a pulp 30s one-shot set in Antarctica... yup, the PCs will be looking for the so-called Nazi installation in Antarctica... little do they know, but it's time to segue into "At the Mountains of Madness."

The PCs are going to be White Wolf Vampires and heroic human paramilitary--possibly created using Adventure!, which appears to be superior to Aberrant. Anyone here run a mixed game like this? I'm looking for suggestions, etc. When the Lovecraftian element enters play, I'm going to have the equivalent of sanity checks using humanity rolls.... When humanity drops, we're going to hand out derangements like candy. =)


Any Werewolf table-top players in the orange county area interested in getting together monday nights for a game?

My current group dynamic has stagnated, so we're looking for fresh blood. If you're interested, please let me know.

I <3 Roleplaying Personals.