February 13th, 2003


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Hi folks!

Since plugging games don't seem to be too taboo around here let me recommend Legendra, which is played via a messageboard and based in an original world. Mostly fantasy, with some sci-fi and oriental influences. It's very open-ended, with a friendly group of players and we're looking to get as many people involved as we can. There's an application process, but it isn't as difficult as it looks - we're just trying to provide the best RP we can.

Hey Oxy, nice to see another person around who's involved with play-by-post games. I find that most folks are aware of PBeMs but the audience for/awareness of messageboard RPGs seems to be a lot less. I wish I could check out your board, but either way, if my modding duties in L give me the chance I'll apply.
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Hello all!

Alrighty, just some background stuff first. I do a lot of rping, and a lot of art. I do picture requests on occasion, mostly character pictures for other people. I've been rping for a while now, and I was happy to come across this group. My primary places to rp right now are either IM or at the Silver Raven Inn, very nice medieval setting fantasy chat. Now, a few questions. I'm looking for the following:
A good Furry Rp
A good Modern Fantasy rp
I usually only do freeform chat role play, I don't care for boards much, and I'm not too fond of DMed rp. I also don't rp Mucks anymore because my computer has a problem with the software. I'd like a LJ rp too actually, if anyone knows of a good one. I'm a serious rper and a writer, I'm just looking for some new outlets, so to speak. I can rp just about any type of character, and I do the research before I try to play a new character. But, I don't rp premade characters as a habit, only originals. Which means I don't do anime character rp unless it is something that really holds my interest. Anybody have anything like I might be looking for? Thanks so much for any help in advance!
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Heart of glass

I know the community info says not to advertise...

But I'm wagering this would be okay, since I've seen a lot of RPG advertisement/search posts in this community lately.

There's one made just for that purpose, so maybe y'all should start doing that there instead. Spread the word, folks. And no, it's not limited to LJ RPGs. The only things it does exclude are MMORPGs and celeb RPGs.


(Now, off to community_promo to pimp it for its third week...)
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OberCon 2003

This an announcment for a little con in Ohio.
OberCon 2003 is a free roleplaying con for all who can make it to Oberlin Ohio.
Our events include but may not be limited to:

Warhammer 40k
D&D 3e
Speed Painting
Loony Labs

The con is March 8-9 at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio
For more information email ogre@oberlin.edu or respond here.

-Enter New Girl.-

Hey, I'm new here. The name's Ruka. Well, not really, but it's what I prefer to be called. I have just one thing to say.....
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bad role-playing or bad GMing?

Today I was reminiscing about a Planescape campaign that I ran and I thought I would share.
Most of the PCs had joined factions in one way or another, and I was quickly establishing the Harmonium and the Mercykillers as groups to avoid. There's a section of background info on Mechanus in the Planes of Law boxed set that mentioned a prison housing chaotic people, so many chaotic people were brought there that it caused the section of the plane to move into Acheron. I was intrigued by this premise, so I decided to put the PCs in the middle of it.
Mercykillers swooped upon the PCs one by one and locked them up, members of the Harmonium (Hardheads) took the PCs to Mechanus where they were forced to walk in straight lines, repeat rhythmic sentences, and generally forced to do law-abiding and organized activities. One PC had an Indep (a faction that believed everyone was an individual and shouldn't be constrained by limitations or factions, ironically) and I had him placed in a cell and forgotten about. Each PC had their own little moral dilemna to face, and I knew this player was slightly homophobic, so I put a lesbian Indep in the cell next to his. Similar to the note passed to Evey in V for Vendetta, I had this Indep pass information about the prison to the PC. He was going to be able to lead the rest of the PCs to freedom and save the day. When the moment came for chaos to reign supreme, the PC managed to free himself from his prison but completely ignored the Indep prisoner who had given him all of this "free" information. He left her to rot in her cell, and if I remember his words correctly he said "I don't care what happens to her". It was a major break from how he had been playing his character with other Indeps and especially with wrongfully imprisoned people, including himself.
At the end of the session, everyone had pretty much succeeded in their personal dilemna except for him. Every PC received a huge amount of XP, somewhere in the 10 to 20,000s (they were high-level and it was an arduous adventure) but I gave him a paltry 2000. Maybe it was even less. I was very disappointed in him and I remember his downcast face as he got his XP. He didn't play for much longer after that.
I always wonder if I did the wrong thing, trying to broaden the player's perspective/tolerance by giving the character a moral dilemna. Was I a bad DM, or was he just being short-sighted? For me, this is ponderous.
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gaming convention in NJ/nyc area VDAY weekend

i will be DJ/MC'ing this costume party

this is a weekend long convention with a shit load of gaming types and things and shit and i am quite honestly impressed with how much there is to do here all types of games from cards to table top to live action and a big computer network one hell of a lan party (that you don't need to bring you own computers to:)
for the geek in all of us

this is a gaming convention at the sheraton tara hotel in parsippany about 20 miles from nyc it will be all weekend long and the i will be laying down the goth industrial fun music and handling the mic at the costume party on saturday night! the tickets for the party say 2 dollars but i believe that is after getting into the convention it self so check out the page and come on down...