February 12th, 2003


Michigan gamers?


I'm looking for a gaming group somewhere in the southeastern area of Michigan. I live in whitelake, and have played or read something on many different systems. Dnd(all three editions), Paladium games, rifts, shadow run, Whitewolf, taleslanta(sp), ninjas and superspies, toon(hated this game), star wars, vampire larps(with werewolf, and changling crossovers), and am looking for a group to join somewhere around the area(within 30-45 mins driving or so, idealy.) I generaly learn the rules to games quick(including house rules), but I'm not a rules laywer(I've gm'd/st'd/dm'd a number of my own games, so I've done my best to squealch the annoying player tendencies I had. I have gone through my laywer/minmax/munchkin phases in the past, and have for the most part, gotten rid of them all ;) ) Any games will work for me, I'm currently home from college, raising cash for my last year, and most of my old gaming group has since moved away.

I'm even willing to try a PBeM game, for those not in michgian, but I must admit, I've never been part of a successful Pbem, most of the ones I've been part of I've joined at the start, but have watched them never get off the ground, or past the first few rounds of emails without losing the Gm, or half the players :p

Comment with replies, for ease please :)

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Does anyone have any good recommendations on some good online rpgs?? I'd prefer some good livejournal ones, but I'm having a hard time finding any. Fantasy oriented ones especially. Just wonderin...
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Okay, I'm going to input something. My wife and I have just recently moved to the Penn State area and we're looking to get back into some RPGs. Specifically for me, I'd like to get back into D&D (I've bought all these new books!). I've been hunting for weeks and nothing has really turned up. So, I thought I'd drop this down in a group that I read frequently. I hope there's someone out there that is interested in some serious players. (I can DM, but I'm not yet proficient with the new D20 system). Thanks!
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