February 10th, 2003

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for online roleplayers....

how do you guys play, i have a group of my freinds from back home and we play, we use aim chat, and im dm for messages....

are there any other formats you guys use?

any better ways to role dice rather than honesty?

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For those of us who don't read SomethingAwful, today's update is fantastic. An excerpt from How To Survive in Any RPG (console and computer games, but still appropriate):

No enemy can stop you except, well, non-enemies. While traveling, some obstacles will invariably block your passage. Such intimidating objects as three foot high rocks, sleeping fat men, and pretty tall grass are sure to keep even the most valiant warriors (who are the world's last hope) at bay. Sure, you can cast a spell that sucks 50 enemies into a whirling vortex of hell, but if the bridge is out or there's a somewhat large rock in your path, you're screwed and might as well give up.

Looking for roleplayers in my area

I was curious how many roleplayers were in Illinois from this community, especially in the Chicagoland area. I have just restarted using LJ, and want to read other journals and get to know people. I live in Forest Park, but no one hardly knows where it is so I say Chicago. (Near Chicago, Oak Park, and River Forest area) I would like to correspond with other roleplayers in the area, and maybe even join a group. Even if you are not around the area, feel free to say hi.
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anyone remember Birthright?

how many of you might be interested in participating in a play-by-email Birthright campaign?
I have a few house rules that alters how long domain turns take and cost (things go faster and cheaper basically) but it isn't that difficult to learn, and if the participants were willing to go at a pace of one domain turn per week, then I would love to GM it

I just moved to a small town and there seems to be NO gaming community here whatsoever, despite the fact that there are CCGs and RPGs sold at all the major stores here