February 8th, 2003


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Do you ever find that your characters start developing their own soundtracks?

I find it's worse for when I'm writing stories, but my roleplay characters definitely do it too. Most characters have, at least, a theme song. My LARP characters, in fact, tend to develop whole soundtracks for themselves. Also, sometimes, Winamp will toss me a character concept. It doesn't work all the time, but...

For some examples:

My mage character, who was raised in a very strict household where she was expected to live up to very very high standards and became the black sheep when she didn't, has "Away From Me" by Evanescence; basically a song about how she needs someone to 'take her away' from herself before she completely cracks. Problem is she's too emotionally numb to get close enough to someone for that... She's also very competitive (from always needing to be the best), so 'fight' songs are on her list too.

My pyro Malkavian (who actually has been working quite well) has, obviously, a lot of fire songs. :P Most notably "Putting Out Fire With Gasoline" by David Bowie.

I keep hearing "Prince of Darkness" during V:tM LARP...

And my favorite D&D half-elf bard is "Sparks Are Gonna Fly" by Catherine Wheel.

I've also got two Mage character concepts: one based off of "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman (unsure what tradition) and one based off "Do You Believe In Magic" by Lovin' Spoonful (almost certainly Cult of Ecstasy), just for the laughs.

Does anyone else find this happens when you create characters? The song in your head translates on to paper, or you make the character and it's like, "so if _____ was doing karaoke, they'd be singing [this song]!"?
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