February 5th, 2003

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GenCon Event Submissions - Already!

I just realize that I have not submitted my events for GenCon 2003 yet. The horror! The deadline this year is March 7, so I have some breathing room, but still, I have left it quite late.

I will, of course, be running Attack of the Beautiful Princesses and it's sequel Revenge of the Beautiful Princesses, as they're just classics. I also usually run two sessions of my Champions game set at The University of Hellenback. Session one is an intro game, and I usually run it with more or less the same parameters, varies according to my players. I used to always run "Chaos Reigns" as a sequel, but I find that I get repeat players from year to year and don't want to bore them. Two years ago, I switched to "The Custody Battle From Hellenback" and last year I did "The Roomie From Outer Space", with the idea that I would rotate back to "Chaos Reigns" this year. Now, I am not so sure. Those three are the best developed episodes I have and would require the least additional development. Most of the rest of the episodes are a little too customized to the original gaming group. I think I could modify "A Time For Sven" to be a little more generic, but I would have to play around some.

So, I ask you all (assuming I can post a poll to a community):

Poll #99103 What Hellenback Game Shall I Run At GenCon

Which second module of Hellenback should I run?

Chaos Reigns!
The Roomie From Outer Space!
The Custody Battle From Hellenback!
A Time For Sven
Other (please comment)
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