February 3rd, 2003

Bat Moon :: Batness (art by Ed Gorey)

Kindred of the East

     My friend has a misprinted copy of Kindred of the East (it has doubles of 2 chapters, and is missing one chapter completely). Is this worth anything? He is interested in selling it, but can't find any info about it.

     Any idea?

Driving home I thought about gnomes.

In their current incarnation, gnomes are largely thought of as clockwork tinkerers, but what if the concept was stretched out a little?

I started musing about gnomes being interested in all sorts of systems, be they mechanical or biophysical.

Imagine a clan of gnomes bent on learning how to increase psionic potential. I could see gnomes fashioning psionic implants or developing powerful alchemical drugs. I can see the two disciplines coming together, a clockwork golem driven by psychokinetic energy! :D

Just a thought, anyone else ever think about this before?
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