February 1st, 2003


A friend of mine invited me to play in an Everquest game and I decided to join. Now I have never played the computer game and I know absolutely nothing about the setting. Does anyone know a good place to find information about Everquest? Any good fansites? (Yes, I can search google.com, but I'm looking for stuff that might not show up on a cursory search)

Also, I already have a concept for a character, but I don't know how it would work in the context of the setting. A paladin whose taken an oath of humility and poverty. He never wears armor, doesn't bathe often, wears tattered clothing, and tries to be as inconspicuous as possible. I plan on playing him so the other players believe he is a sulking, brooding thief. He'll still be lawful good, and an excellent fighter, but nobody will know the truth unless they ask him directly or unless a debate about religion enters the role-playing forum. I'm working on a background, but so far the only god I could see him being a servant of is Erollisi Marr.
Any thoughts?

p.s.- I know Everquest is d20, but if you read my userinfo you'll understand why I think d20 sucks