January 31st, 2003



*Curses the snow.* * sigh* Well I can't go to my weekly vampire LARP because of the pseudo blizzard. And therefore I won't be having my nosferatu become Harpy. Talk about a triumph I beat the Torrie at her own social game fun fun.
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I'm from Delaware and I want to get into LARP but I have no clue how to go about it. What good ones in my area would any of you recommend? What would sort of character would you recommend me, a newbie start out with? Any information on LARP in general would be good. Thanks.

On the board!

Everyone, I'm so excited. Evermoor is up and running. That game that I asked for your help with, a few days ago, has its first four members. That's not enough to start the game yet (and anyway they're still in the process of being created), but I think we stand a decent chance now.
It was Alexmegami who first helped me with some of the concepts. I still need some help and I'm working with those suggestions, but I want to say thanks!

It's a fantasy PBeM. Here's the link if anyone's interested!

A whimsical excercise

Was just thinking about various movies that reminded me of role playing games and thought I'd solicit community opinion on the subject.

So the question is, what movies do you think best capture the spirit of specific role playing games? For instance, if you had a prospective new player or nongamer you were trying to quickly bring up to speed, you'd say that a _______ campaign is kind of like _______. I realize that campaign styles vary but that should make the answers interesting.

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