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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Thursday, January 30th, 2003
2:23p - Quick WOD poll

What is the most retarded WOD Concept?

The Sock Puppet Malkavian
The Combat Toreador
The Art Fag Brujah
The Ghetto Punk Ventrue
The Socialite Gangrel
The Anti-Pyramid Scheme Tremere
The Nosferatu who is rude to his own clan

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5:03p - Gundam RPG
Hi Everyone, I'm new to the community, and I'd like to introduce my RPG - but first I shall introduce myself. My name is Rich and I"m a college student in Pennsylvania, a political science major. Anyway to cut to the chase, This is a web-based RPG about the Gundam series (Modeled more after Gundam Wing, but all are welcome - for example - my own character happens to be Char Aznable.) Anyway the title is

Excelsior's Gundam RPG

And the link is http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/excelsior

It is best viewed on Internet Explorer. It works fine on Netscape, Opera, Konqueror, and Mozilla, but the graphic arrangement is a bit quirky. I'd imagine it to work on other browsers too but those are all I currently have access to. Anyway, give a visit, and I do hope you enjoy!


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5:49p - The Fine Art Of Selling Out!
My apologies for the shameless plug of me and my stuff but I have a buncha auctions up on eBay and ALL of them have gotten BIDS! YAY ME!!!

Maxim 2002 Lot
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card Elephant Gun
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card Nine Cuts
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card Sword of The Master
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card The Junkyard
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card Autographed White Ninja
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card White Ninja
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card Sting of The Scorpion
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card Open A Can Of Whupass
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card "Time To Kick Ass"
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card Dragon Boat Festival
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card Yung Chang
Shadowfist CCG Promo Card Funky Monkey


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