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Tuesday, January 28th, 2003
5:09a - On Villainy...Pt. I
I'm in a positively wicked mood, so let's talk about villains a little bit, eh?

Our first look at villains looks at a favorite of mine for more horror-tinged games: the nihilistic villain. The nihilist is not interested in power, glory, or riches. He's not in it for revenge or for a political cause. The nihilist does what he does because he's looking to destroy...everything.

On the extreme end of this, we're talking about someone with ambitions of apocalypse. Lesser nihilists can be found in our most common evil -isms: racism, sexism, etc. Genocide is the tool of the nihilist and it's part of what makes them a terrifying villain. For the extreme nihilist, the terror becomes all-encompassing: There is no negotiating, no bribing. It's the planetary terminator and it's not going to quit until everything is dust.

The downside of the nihilist is that he lends himself to more hack-and-slash style gaming. If your plan revolves around simple destruction, often the only solution in your average RPG (where incarceration so rarely works) is to destroy the destroyer. This can make for epic battles, but it's light on the subtlety or clever maneuvering. On the other hand, not every villain has to be Machiavelli.

A few examples:
Comic Books: Apocalypse - Here's a guy who just want everything to keep fighting until there's nothing left...except him, which puts a hypocritical dent in his zeal, but we'll give him a B+ for effort.
RPG: The Forgotten Realms' Phaerimm - Like Apoc, these guys would prefer to run everything, but they'll burn it down rather than hand it over (A motivation found in a lot of megalomaniacs-turned-nihilists). Combined with their formidable magical powers, and they can give high-powered parties a real run for their money.
Home-brewed: The Knights of Fate - originally created out of a Star Wars campaign I was playing in during my commune days, the Knights are servants of the dark side. Unlike the Sith however, they're not interested in ruling anything. The Dark Side doesn't care who dies as long as someone dies. It doesn't care who hurts as long as someone hurts. They represent a perversion of everything the Jedi stand for. The two times I've used them, they've given my players the willies.

Next time...the megalomaniacs.

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11:55a - New guy here
Hi, everyone... mind if I cut in? My name's Silas, and I like to light things on fire.

Just kidding.
Anyway, I'll be 18 next month and I've been searching since the dawn of time for a good roleplaying community. I kind of had to beat the system a little to find you guys at all: I can't use the directory search so I added "pbem" to my interests and clicked on that when it appeared on my profile. And now here you are!

Here's my big question. I've been working on a game of mine since the middle of last year. I've played in several PBeMs (they all crashed and burned) and hosted one or two. But this one has had so much thought and planning put into it I was sure it would take off. So if I give out the link, can you guys help me with it..? Or am I being rude by asking so soon? I need a lot of gritty little details and help with the technicality of some parts, but generally I think I'm on the right track. So what's the verdict?

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