January 23rd, 2003

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Checkers and Chess...

Thanks to saizai for both the subject line and the advice.
The min/max player that I was overwrough about, mentioned in this post, has calmed down greatly.
He is now playing a Rouge/Witch-Hunter for our Ravenloft game. No big deal about AC or weapons. No big curfluffle over penalties or powergaming v. roleplaying. No big confrontaional to-do's.
All of his own accord too.
Thanks to all that offered advice.
Now, has anyone got the new RL Gazeteer II? If so, how is it.

Questions Seeking Answers

New question.

I have a player in a PBEM who, while a good friend of mine and a decent tabletopper, isn't exactly the most creative banana in the bunch. In fact, he's my lowest player. His [one] character (he created two but only posted once for one of them) basically sits around and then goes and kills things. This is a 'good' character, a warrior of Light.

He's -with- two other characters - a shapeshifter posing as a noblewoman, and a disguised general of the 'evil' side, both of whom are trying to infiltrate the good guys' fortress. The warrior has orders (from NPCs he created) not to let the other two near the High Priestess [effectively Queen] of the Light side - who they've asked him to take them to.

He's also twinked his way out of a mass battle he initiated. I clamped down on that quickly - the game moves at the pace of about 1 day per month of real time, so he can't use his power for another game month (essentially never).

I know he can come up with creative ideas; even if he can't, there are other people and characters around that can and have suggested ideas, and he keeps trying to play a slash-and-kill character. He also doesn't post very often.

He's now trying to make a character to replace the one he never posted for.

How would you deal with this? I'm resistant to removing him from the game and giving the character to someone else, but he's holding back two other characters (who are nearly four months since their last post because of him). He's not adding anything to the game except that one twinky power which he can no longer use. Whenever I ask him to post, it's like pulling teeth.

Any suggestions for motivating him, or is this a lost cause?
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On Min/Max-ing...

Some friends and I have decided to run a few AD&D 2nd Ed. games for nostalgia's sake, and we've all begun trying to create twinked characters for this. I started messing around with the odds of getting good enough rolls for particularly twinked out characters, and eventually came to ponder the greatest character of them all, all 18's. That's right, all six stats rolled as an 18. Using 4d6 (drop lowest) the odds of getting this are about 1:25,000,000,000. If you use 3d6, the odds decrease to 1:100,000,000,000,000. The odds aren't exactly in your favor for getting the 'perfect' character.

This made me think though. In all the years that D&D has existed, and all the people who have played it, and all of the characters they've rolled, do you think anyone has ever legitimately rolled the 'perfect' character? And if so, what was (s)he?

Just some food for thought from a new guy in these parts.

(no subject)

WOTC/TSR has just announced a new edition of AD&D (d20)
Instead of calling it 4th edition, they are referring to it as 3.5
A revision or "upgrade" they say.
The latest issue of Dragon has the preliminary details.

TSR did the same thing with 2nd edition. Remember Player's Option and DM's Option books, anyone? They were unofficially referred to as 3rd edition until 3rd edition really came out. Just like the expanded 1st edition rules (Unearthed Arcana, & the Survival Guides) were unofficially referred to by gamers as 2nd edition until the rules were really revised (THAC0?! What were they thinking?)
My point is: TSR is the only company that pulls these rules revisions without trying to call it a new edition of rules all the time. I'm just sort of openly complaining about their shifty business tactics.

p.s.- I'm kind of new to this LJ thing. Where does everyone get their icons from?