January 22nd, 2003

Feeling Vimes-y, Discworld

The Nature of Evil

I've just recently started a Superhero campaign again (and I'm loving it). After our weekly D&D game, a good friend and I started talking about the TV show Smallville and the difference between Clark (our proto-hero) and Lex (our proto-villain) and I came to a sort of epiphany. In game systems that do not feature alignments, good and evil are often blurred and in many ways not even defineable (in the context of the game).

But recently I had read a Crossgen comic book called the First. In the First, the main characters are a race of godlike beings divided in House Sinister (left) and House Dexter (right). The qualifications ? Those in house sinsiter (the "bad guys") placed self before others, those in house dexter (the "good guys") placed others before self...

That may be as clear a definition as you can get in a blurry world.
Bat Moon :: Batness (art by Ed Gorey)

Demon: WTF?

     My friends and I are big White-wolf people, so we all were thrilled to get a Demon: the Fallen book. The system is pretty screwy--there aren't very many "options" to customize your character, and the game doesn't "run" well with other WOD creatures....

     Does anyone have ideas for how to run a GOOD WOD game WITH Demons in it as well? I don't want a shitty game here...

     AND does anyone have better character creation stuffs for Demon?
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Something Has Me Thinking

Vampires: 1 per 100,000 mortals in a medium-sized city.
Mummies: fewer than 50 total according to the first Mummy book. Has this changed?
Mages: 1 sleeper in five million even has the potential to Awaken - fewer actually do so. Sorry, I can't cite a source for this, though I think it's reasonably recent.

Does anyone have numbers on the other supernaturals in the World of Darkness? Wraiths don't count (except the Risen), but the obviously supernatural hunters ought to.

I hear a lot of complaints that the World of Darkness contains an unfeasible number of supernaturals, but I'm thinking this has more to do with how GMs run the game (with too many NPCs) and the fact that a lot of the sourcebooks feature crappy fanboy ideas that aren't supported by the structure laid out in the core rulebooks.

Now, if you want to read a book with unfeasible numbers, check out Kult. I swear a quarter of the Earth's population is in direct service to an Archon or Death Angel in that game.
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