January 20th, 2003

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Well, I started lurking a few weeks ago and I guess it's time to start talking. :D I'm Mikie, I'm not an avid gamer but I do like RPing on the internet. I RP on AOL, always have. I tried RhyDin, I've had a mere four chars there. Only one was really accepted. Then he commited suicide because the girl he loved stopped loving him. (Oh the melodrama). He was a vamp, I like vamps. My other chars were just humans, except for another vamp who was a brother to one that commited suicide.

But, for the most part I RP in Pok�mon. One group in particular is Pok�Morph.. My friend started a realm for it on AOL called Toruko. ( I made a spiffy webpage : http://toruko.xrs.net ). I tried www.pokemorph.com desperately trying to enter the world of the MUSH but I applied and no one answered. MUSHes confuse me, I still don't know exactly how to work 'em.

Anyway I guess I'm here to say I'm tired of RPing kinda. No one RPs no matter what I do, and it's all meaningless babble. I'm co-GC of Toruko so I should do something, right? Start an SL or something fun. It's a small group, only maybe 10 or 15 people. We don't have any guilds or dice or anything, we just RP. Is that the problem? People don't spar, they just ... act. And talk. I really want to spruce our RP up but I don't know what to do. I don't like RhyDin much anymore, so maybe I was thinking I could go somewhere else in addition to Toruko. I'd like to try MUSHes... anyone recomend a good place to start MUSHing?

Well, I'm off! Have a good day!
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