January 19th, 2003


Pro-Bowl GMing

I need to tell everyone what my 7th Sea GM did in our last session (my first). It's not just "a cool story," but it illustrates one of the trickiest parts of GMing - getting players, not characters, to hate a villain - in letter-perfect detail.
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Hello! I'm pretty new to Live Journal (joining mainly to inspire continued writing), and I happened upon this community. I am also in the midst of a move the result of which I have the chance to get back into RPGs after a 10 year hiatus (not counting computer games!). I've picked up the new core DnD books, and am in the process of starting again.
Aside from that, I just wanted to say that I enjoy this community the last couple of days I've read it. I do have a good question that I wonder if I'm the only person guilty of.
Do you have an alterego character that you are particularly fond of? For me, it was the first character I ever created. In many respects, the character held all the dreams that I had as I kid growing up, and I don't think I've ever had a character that I've enjoyed playing more. Maybe dreams isn't right, but it was definately a strong conduit for my imagination, and a character that represented me was intriguing. Getting back into the RPG saddle, I find that I have thought of my character many many times, and sadly enough, really as an alter ego/reflection of my own personae. Do you have one of those characters?
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