January 15th, 2003

Dance everybody dance

And you all will be my supporting cast!

Forgive me if I seem like I'm creatively venting here, but I've had a minor problem with a local DM for quite some time now. It seems that whenever he runs an adventure he forces some NPC character to tag along regardless of what anyone in the party wants. Now I wouldn't have a problem with this if not for the blatent fact that he casts this NPC character as the hero everytime. Whether it be that this character seizes command of some orchish settlement through the rule of Dues ex machina, or becomes the only survivor (save for his girlfriend's character) in an ambush by a impossibley hard Dracolich in a game of AD&D. I recall he had his 15th gen NPC kill off an Sabbat Arch Bishop last V:tm game we played. Meanwhile everyone elses characters are doing jack and shit about nothing because whenever we try we get killed, while his invincable NPC character mysteriously never get targeted by any of the enemies attacks which he claims to be 'randomly' selected. Now don't get me wrong, he's a great GM in all other aspects, but I'd just rather him not have an omnipresent NPC for all of the PC's to pretty much wave pom poms for and be used as shields.

Anyone else out there who shares my pain?
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Food for thought?

Here's a question for everyone:

Is it possible to play a D&D game where the party is made up entirely of Chaotic Evil characters?

I say a resounding NO, NO, NO, but my friend/DM Simon seems to think it's possible, "assuming everyone roleplays well". I think Lawful Evil might work, but there is no way Chaotic Evil or even Neutral Evil characters can work within a party context.

Yes? No? Why or why not?
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