January 12th, 2003

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I'm new to this community. My name's Jenni, I'm 18-years-old, and I've been role playing on AOL for about five years now. I found this community and got all sorts of excited. I don't talk about my RP in my journal, because I don't want to bore the people who actually read it. So, yay! I finally found a place I can explore and talk about it with.

I use RP as something to keep my creativity up. I've always been encouraged to write since the second grade. For awhile, I was getting bored with just writing with pen and paper. Then an online friend introduced me to RP on AOL five years ago, and I've been hooked ever since. I love the imagination I'm able to use.

Right now, I have one main character. I've had her for about four years now. She's an Italian girl named Kit. A lot of her character is centered around how I am. I've had her the longest out of any of my characters. Here's her site, if you'd like to see her.

My RP name for AIM/AOL is: Tender Suicide.

I'm horrible at these introductions. If you'd lack to add me to your friends list or whatever, feel free to. Anyways, yeah.. <33
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More AOL Frustrations

Some guilds annoy me. I just got a warning about missing some guild mandatory meeting. I would have been excused if I presented notice ahead of time. Who in the hell do they think they are? My gosh. It's bad enough that I have to do bi weekly reports in the thing. I'm only in it due to all the people. It's the almost biggest guild in Rhydin. At least active that is.
What do I mean by active? Well, I'll show you what inactive is and you be the judge. Inactive is when you forget that you're in a guild. Meaning so much for guild letters. There are never any guild chats active and the message boards are empty. No members seek one another out. This other guild for the most part is the opposite but damn. Is the reporting bs and damn meetings necessary!

Thanks for the advice but I don't want to RP on yahoo. I tried that and it didn't work. For all who think I only care about dice....haha screw you. You would to if you cannot sim well and think many cheat while doing so. The hell if I'm going to have some dice like 4d20 and not be able to defend myself if attacked or have some simmer out type my slow ass and kill me before I can even reply. Turn based then? Whoo so I can have some god like wanna be block my every move. Dice to me make it fair and I'm going to continue using them and trying to raise them to defend myself. If this makes me a non role player.......that's your opinion........ask me if I care considering I don't know you and you don't know jack about me? Anyway.................

For all you AOLers, I'm still looking for ya. My char would like a family and some friends. Activity would be fine too if you want to spar or what not. IC sn: shatteredsouikd and OOC sn: thevirgocharm , which I'm on all the time unless I'm rarely needed to sign on my RP sn. IM RP and SLs welcome...........as long as you aren't one of those ppl who want to turn me into some anthro cat and screw like rabbits. I find that annoying. My Info and Kays Info......

Oh and so what if the page shows a lot of guild stats. Everyone has their own styles. As shy as I am, I don't go into many taverns/chats unless accompanied. If I want to be ignored, heh I can easily go elsewhere. Going w/ friends make them more enjoyable. I'm asking for friend and family SLs so you tell me if she's a frequent tavern visitor and etc. I happen to like guilds which is why I've been in so many. That's all that is to it.

Like Enemims music, if you don't like it, don't listen to it. Same applies to my RP, what I do and my style. I'm not doing it to please people. I'm doing it because I want to and like to and not for anyone else.
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I've noticed there are many different kinds of gamers, and there're lots of stereotypes associated with them. It's really interesting how the gaming community acts internally. I mean, toward any threat to our gaming, we're a united front, but between ourselves, we're very balkanized. I wonder how the population demographics look. Are there more PBEMers than AOLers, or more Boffer LARPers than OWBNers - more d20 players than superhero players? Here's my list of types - i included a lot of fringe gamers, like people who play Counterstrike or Diplomacy because, while not archetypal RPGs, these games, nonetheless, contain real, if less sophisticated, role-playing elements. Please add to it if you can.

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