January 11th, 2003

Frustrated RPer

I'm ticked. I decided to make a new years resolution for my character and that was to be more active. Meaning try to recruit more, post more, spar more, etc. It must be me but many don't seem to want to do anything, let alone seek you out. I'm pissed about a guild that I'm in on AOL. Former guild that is. I was about the only member active. I sent in spar logs which didn't get counted. Without informing anyone, the guild quit. I sent the fourm my current dice and they converted me to a freelancer. I look at their page and can't find my name under the registered freelancers. I sent them a mail saying what my stats were. I fear they won't buy it. Since the guild had quit and since I changed AOL accounts, it's not like I have my spar logs saved. I saved my profile information but that's it.

Why care about dice or worry? Well, I love sparring. I cannot SiM well. I don't type fast for one which makes it really hard. And to me, with dice, it makes it fair. I can't tell you how many times I've rean into God like chars who block every hit and then get mad when you do the same to them. I really don't want to start from scratch and I want to find a good fourm. Guilds don't last and I hate having my dice go with it. It's hard working your way back up to the top like that.

Why don't I role play on Yahoo? I've been RPing on Aol since 98 on and off. I tried yahoo and it just confused me.

Me and My Char Kayorie
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Jealousy Among Recruiters

Sometimes I really hate RPing on AOL. Here's a typical recruiting session. You go into an empty room. You sit............and sit...........and sit.............and sit...................by yourself I might add...........still sitting.............oh look, someone comes in...............must have been wrong room cause they left. Still sitting, oh look, another person, oh pooh, a guild member. Sitting....................for hours..........in an alone room.


Room filled with fellow guild members.................more guild members keep coming in............oh look live bait! Prolly about 20 other people in the room sent the same person an application.........so you didn't get the recruit.

I look at that stuff and say there has to be an easier way. Room hopping, I saw the sn Read Scroll. In the profile was guild info and a link to the application. "How creative." I thought and copied. I made my own sn similar, I placed the guild info in it and allowed people to pick up applications as they pleased.

A guild official said it would make someone mad. Why? She never said but I guess jealousy. One person said I was lazy and that the guilds I'm recruiting for should be ashamed.

I think it's jealousy. I think my profile is a great idea. I get to recruit at 3 am and such w/out being glued to my computer screen or being bored alone in a room for hours. This is prolly fun to some people. Or they hate it and out of jealousy, got on my case.

I look at myself like an inventor. You take something like a keyboard mouse and you add the prolly scroll ball things and red laser lights to improve it or make it's usage easier. That's what I did and I'm going to keep up my profile and my recruiting "methods." To those who don't like it, have fun being bored in those empty chat rooms or competing to give out applications.

Oh and Newbies
I have no problem with them. The people I do have problems with is the experienced ones. If you can't type about five paragraphs for an entrance...........looks like you're a newbie. I've been rping since 98 and I like keeping my descriptions short, sweet and to the point. I guess I'm a newbie. The old RPers are arrogant as I don't know what. If you don't RP like them, you're a newbie or moder. (Still not sure on it's definition but I'm guessing it's as bad as newbie.) Then there are 'Nobs.' I learned this new term. Experienced RPers acting like newbies. Meaning RPing for so long and still not as good so you get this lable. Why the freaking labels!

I have no problem with newbies. In fact, I would go out of my way to teach them how to RP. I need to make another web page since I lost my other aol account w/ the homepage. I do it because I remember that I was a newbie too so I know how they feel and get picked on. I teach them in hopes that they will get so good that they will outplay the ones that bashed them........or kill their characters. :D
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