January 5th, 2003

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So I spent a goodly long time converting the world of Matt Wagner's Grendel into the white-wolf game system to play. My roleplayers are in the world of Grendel as the Grendel ideal has overrun the populace.

I furthermore spent 3 days on one specific reaccuring character for them to face from C.O.P. (The Confederacy Of Police)

In their first encounter with him, one character ran up to him and called his shot to the neck.

He rolled well.

The NPC rolled to block.

He rolled poorly. (Three ones, no successes) A complete and total botch.

He did three levels of lethal damage to the neck andf decapitated him. (I personally, like the rule of three to the neck, dead, 4 to the head, dead. Not anymore.)

Fuckers killed a cool NPC in their first encounter with him, forcing me to re-design my entire campaign around it.


This is the unpredictability of roleplayers that I like. They wanted the guy dead. They got lucky. They earned it. Now my work is just beginning gain.

This is what I love about gaming.

Just wanted to share.

Lt. Dustin
Brinks of C.O.P.

Gone to the circular NPC file in the sky.

haha! Thinking back on the good old days!

Okay, back when I first started roleplaying we started a game of Vampire: The Masquerade. Well my first character was a Tremere. She had been turned without the permission of the Tremere council so they wre after her. I guess she was basically a rogue. Well later on the gm let us all have another character because there were so few players and we were going up against really tough odds (aka a giant werewolf named Timber as well as the people sent by the Tremere to kill my pc). He had already picked the characters he wanted us to play. He had everyone else take a Gangrel while he gave me the one and only Magi in the game. Now granted we just kind of made her up because we did not have any of the Mage books but we adopted her fairly well and all was good. The person that we were allianced with was a Catiff by the name of Moth and the Council had sent my Magi to help him out. (I dunno if that would ever happen but I wasn't the gm and so whatever.) So the very first day that my magi is with the party, my tremere gets shot while talking to the magi. She uses her blood pool to heal putting herself in a frenzy and attacking my magi. (At this point in time the gm has taken over my tremere and is letting me control the magi cause he won't let me fight myself.) Well she misses and then the magi hits her with one of her magic spells sending 5 spiked silver shards into the vampire's chest. (She rolled a critical hit) So then the vampire was dead.... (like -15 blood pool so yeah) And everyone was so shocked that I killed my own character but I was only doing what my character would have done. *shrugs* Anyways, the gm knew little of nothing about the VTM system and he's one of those people that wants a slaughter campaign so yeah... it could have been better but it was fun nonetheless. Especially the time we cut off that guys head and one of the gangrel took it for a souviner and that night the guy came back to get his head back...lol! I was one of the luckiest people in the entire campaign (it spanned a total of 10 years and 2 cities). Within the entire thing I only lost that one character. By then end I still had my magi, my brujah, and my human. Go me!
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Mr Sinister

Werewolf Question

Ok, here's something i've been wondering if it couldn't happen.
(It helps if you're really familliar with Werewolf-The Apocalpyse for this one)
An alliance between the Children of Gaia and the Bringers of Light camp of Shadow Lords for the purpose of... redeeming Black Spiral Dancers.
What the plan would be is thus-
The Bringers of Light would do their thing, which involves infiltrating Spiral Nests and pretending to be one of them, to test their own purity and resolve, and for spying purposes.
The Alliance with the Children of Gaia would come in thus-The Rite of the Silver Forge.
I know the Children don't have specific claim on that Rite, but I figure they'd be the ones most likely to go along with the plan.
The rite of the Silver Forge, if you're unfamilliar with it, goes something like this-The next time the subject of the Rite (The Spiral), steps into the Umbra, he winds up in Erebus, the Silver Forge. Which is an umbral realm dedicated to the cleansing of wyrm tainted werewolves. Including Spirals.
So you could perform the rite, have the tainted werewolf be cleansed, and once cleansed, they could be accepted into whatever tribe would have them (The Children would be a likely choice, or the Bone Gnawers)
The plan, could definitly provide a bolster that Gaia's forces could certainly use.
Any Werewolvers out there who could critique/compliment that plan?
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