December 21st, 2002


Gaming done got expensive...

When did all D&D books start costing at least thirty dollars? Dammit, don't the people at Wizards realize that most gamers are poor folks!?!?

They're not the only ones...I noticed that all White Wolf rulebooks are also 30 dollar hardcovers now.

Shows how long it's been since I was in a gaming store, I guess- I got all the core rulebooks when they were still 20 bucks.

Anyway, here's the question- in your considered opinions, which gaming books out right now are worth the cover price?
  • perich

(no subject)

Just out of curiosity - how many diceless RPG systems are there?

By "there," I mean available in print form through major retailers or online purchase.

By "diceless," I mean any system that does not resolve action through mostly random means. Thus, Castle Falkenstein's ingenious use of a deck of cards can be included - there is some randomness, but not as much, since players can choose when to play their cards.

I know of three systems, off-hand: the aforementioned Castle Falkenstein, the infamous Amber, and the newcomer Nobilis. Any others?