December 16th, 2002

Feeling Vimes-y, Discworld

A little help from the Audience

Working on my new campaign (a CHAMPIONS game), I was struck with the idea that I wanted to create a new city that was all mine (there seems to be a lot of that going around)... Somewhere in the early creation process, I decided that I wanted some Native American influence in the game (perhaps as a source of mystic power).
Last night I was thinking that it would be interesting if the city had been hit with a cataclysm. Half would be rebuilt as a shining example of the City of Tomorrow... very 'Metropolis' (both in the Superman and the Fritz Lang sense)... this would cater to the Bright and Shining supers (like Superman, for example). The other half of the city would be a darker, older city, highly appropriate for darker heroes and a place for dlum lords and Kingpin types.

Then it occuered to me that (in a Terry Pratchett moment) that the city could be divided by a river... My beautiful new wife was listening to me and said: "What about 'the cities'?"... "The Cities" is what folks from Minnesota (she's a native that I coaxed to come down here to the south) call Minneapolis/St.Paul/Bloomington.

River... Two/Three Cities... Rich Native American History... Close to the Canadian Border for those 'International Incidents'... Large bodies of water for Sea Monsters... It was PERFECT...

The problem is that I need some input.

1) What do we call our new Mega-City?
2) How much should the population swell in this new center of work and Industrial/Technological growth?
3) How do we excuse one half of the City's growth and not the other?

Your ideas are happily welcomed.