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Saturday, December 14th, 2002
1:55a - Dice
This entry concerns dice.

Do you play with dice? Or do you just program your TI-83 to give you three random number between 1 and 6?

Do you have a special d20 that you always roll for Search checks while playing D&D? A d10 pool you bought specifically for Changeling games? Are your dice handed down from older siblings, gifts from friends, bought lovingly one by one or as a matched set?

Is it taboo for you to let anyone else touch your dice, much less roll them? Or do you hand them out to anyone who asks? Do you keep them in the container they came in? A bag you made yourself? One someone gave you? Do you just borrow them?

Tell us about your dice. Or someone else's. I'm just looking for interesting stories.

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10:35a - "Is it bad to shoot the dragon?"
I was talking with a friend yesterday, and he was telling me about a conversation I missed about White Wolf. Aparently, the guy my friend was talking to said, "Oh yeah, I can kill Hassim (the first Assamite). Just throw him in an oubliette and lob a couple of incindianary grenades in there."

I'll wait for the VtM geeks to pick up there jaws at the stupidity of that statement.

But it got me thinking about my old college group.

Much like "jumping the shark", "is it bad to shoot the dragon?" entered my group's lexicon after a particularly disasterous attempt at ShadowRun by a newbie who didn't really want to be there.

We were running against one of the big MegaCorps and had just found out our Johnson betrayed us. Most notible was the large army who showed up backed by some dragon leader (I forget the corp we were raiding) Anyway, we're outnumbered something like 100 to 1 and the newbie says, "Would it be bad to shoot the dragon?"

Needless to say, the answer was yes, but he really wanted to do it, so he rolled.

6's and 6's and 6's and 6's...

And the dragon rolled body dice.

1's and 1's and 1's and 1's...

We sat in shock.

Then he followed up with, "Would it be bad to charge the army using only a combat axe?"

To this day, "shoot the dragon" has become a catch phrase for an overly/needlessly risky plan of any sort, most likely a suicidal one.

So, anyone you know try to "shoot the dragon"?

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11:10a - Silly Catch Phrases Our Group Uses
"Getting Griffin Eggs" - term for a pointless quest that the DM has railroaded the party into because his plot line depends on it. When this originally happened, we were told that in order to get a boat across the ocean, we could only talk to 1 person (on the ENTIRE continent). NO one else would make the journey -- despite the fact that lucrative trade was possible between the continents and they both knew of each other. This man lived on the shore with his ship, and before he would give us a ride, he wanted griffin eggs. There was only ONE place to get griffin eggs. No one else had ever gathered any (despite the fact that we were in a fairly heavily populated area), so our attempts to buy any failed. Our attempts to give the ship-owner cash failed. We were so annoyed by this as a group, that we spent the next TWO game sessions trying to find ways not to do this pointless quest and still get across the ocean. In the end, we finally went and robbed the griffin of its eggs and got our ride, but ever since then, "Getting Griffin Eggs" has had a special meaning to our party.

"Hugeless"One of our party members is always complaining about game system mechanics and whining about how useless various things are (ok, it was me). As I was playing a mage, I was complaining one day that one of my spells was "Hugely Useless". The DM got an evil grin and coined the term "hugeless" and from then on, that's become a catchphrase to be sarcastic with whiny players. *sigh*

There's probably more, but those are the two that I remember the most.

current mood: amused

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