December 10th, 2002


Sequel to my incredible "law" breaking adventures

So, since I got an enthuastic response to my first ancedote, I figure I'll relate a second one. Cause I'm just that kind of guy. Happy Kwanza(please don't yell at me if I mis-spelled that, it's late. For me.)

So, I had met up with a friend in the midst of Comic-Con itself. Now, let me describe my friend. Imagine all the FASA geeks you met in your life, add a heavy dose of apathy, and mix that with a SLIGHT bit of ditziness and a slighty-above average sense of humour, and you've got my friend Robbie. Now, we're best friends. Please don't make me explain it. It still makes my head hurt. So, we're touring the floors and we decide to attend the Previews screening(after I kicked him in the shins repeatedly when he refused to put down the 40K models).

So, I'm gettin' my preview-on and most of the movies SUCK. As in Triple X was the highlight of the damn thing. Yeah. So, in the middle of that preview, I see someone walk in into the theatre and come right towards me. Now, this was nothing new since we had the only empty seats near us in a 20 mile radius. I blame the nachos. So, I'm about to move up my feet when she punches my friend Robbie in the arm and he moves over. This, obviously, makes me look up and it turns out it's my....BUM BA BUM! EX-GIRLFRIEND WHO STILL WANTS TO GET BACK TOGETHER WITH ME!. Now, I know what your thinking, this is going to turn into a bitter love-story recant. No, it isn't. And if you actually ARE thinking that, get the hell out of here. Cynical old man. So, I make small talk until the next preview comes on(Thank you, Jesus). And that's when I get up. And literally dragging my friend Robbie("WHAT ABOUT PETER JACKSON?!!) out into the convention floor. She follows. I walk faster. She follows quicker. I, litertally, start RUNNING and hide behind a samurai-sword display. I lost her and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Of course, getting Robbie away from the swords was a whole other deal. And that's how I lost all sense of pride for the next 5 hours.
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