December 1st, 2002

Angry Johnnie

Attention: Atlanta, Smyrna, Marietta and Surrounding Areas...

Hey there I have open slots in an ongoing Gaming group as well as interested in Gaming with some new People, If your interested Let me kknow. Also Our LARP Group, A Breed Apart; A Vampire Venue We are presently in Hiatus as we prepare to host Chattacon's Vampire LARP, and for the holidays due to our small size and Holiday hectic schedules. We are looking ot start back up again after the First of the year and welcome all interested parties, experienced Gamers or Not!!!
Feel Free to contect myself directly for more info!
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When you type stuff up for your players, do you print it off and use it as a handout?
Or do you send the file to your players via e-mail?
Also, what kinds of programs do you use (TXT files, WPD files, JPGs, Campaign Cartographer maps, etc.)?

How often do you write up character backgrounds?
How much detail do you put into your backgrounds?
HOw much freedom do you like the GM to give you when creating your character background?