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Thursday, November 21st, 2002
3:55a - So!
Mwahaha, attack of the V:tM LARP newbie...

So, like a typical dumbass, I decided that it was a brilliant idea for me, a complete newbie to the world of LARP and V:tM, to create a Malkavian. [Don't ask me. Toreador was capped.] Originally, she was supposed to be purposely mute because she thought she recieved her knowledge through music, and so stayed silent so as not to miss any 'notes' of worth. ;) Unfortunately, the Toreador who was made -right before her- took that Flaw, so I decided rather than have the boring old Toreador and my Malk converse in ASL constantly, I would change the character concept.

...she wound up being a mental-ward escapee who would have frozen to death had she not been Embraced, and wound up becoming a pyromaniac to try and feel warm again... and the ST approved this. :D I know, I'm so very dead so very quickly. Though she also happens to be 9th gen, the highest you can be in this particular game.

Any advice? And not "don't whip out your firey logs of DOOM around anyone else", because that's pretty obvious (mmm, Obfuscate is going to be my friend). But... things I should absolutely avoid doing, from more experienced LARPers?

current mood: cold

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3:13p - player quote
"I've been playing this game a long time and it's about time I got to see a hanging in town square."
from a session of Deadlands
the player in question was also referring to the fate of another PC

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