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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Wednesday, November 20th, 2002
10:09a - There are strange people in my RPGs.
Last night's pre-game discussion, in part:

Prof. Mike: "One of the characters in my other game created a cheese golem."
Ryan: "Why a cheese golem?"
Prof. Mike: "Well, he had a lot of cheese, and figured it would be useful. It wasn't immune to weapons, so he could also use it as self-delivering hors d'eurves."
Ryan: "That's sick. What kind of cheese was it made out of?"
Me: "Muenster?"

(A loud groan is heard.)

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11:12a - Stupid stuff
I'm sure we all have stories like this, but the Cheese Golem reminded me of a recent D&D adventure. To be fair, the subject of the story was new to gaming. On the other hand, newness has nothing to do with listening skills.

DM: Okay, you're back in your cell.
Sorcerer: Alright, I teleport to my friend's cell.
DM: Your spell goes off fine, but when you appear, it's in a throne room. Make a spellcraft check.
*character makes it*
DM: Alright, you figure out there's a redirect spell on the entire castle. Any type of transport spell is redirected to this room.
Sorcerer: Oh. Okay. I teleport back to my room then.

A similar event took place with the use of an invisibility spell.

S: I open the cell door.
DM: Okay, the two guards just look at you.
S: I turn invisible and sneak past them.
DM: Well, considering you turned invisible in front of them, they're pretty suspicious you may try to sneak out, so they block the door.
S: Oh. I drop the spell and step back into my cell.
DM: Okay.
S: Now that the door is locked I cast invisibility again and open the door to leave.

And so on.

Actually, one final story. We're in a evil town, trying to sneak through. One character has just had his arm cut off, clothes ripped off, and dropped out a tower into the middle of market. We heal him and run, making quite a scene. Unfortunately, we need to spend more time in the town, so we look for disguises.

One Armed Character: (to DM) Hey, is my hair still long?
DM: Yeah.
OAC: Okay, so I can cut my hair and be less recognizable...
OAC: Hmmm... good point. (to DM) How many other one armed people are there? Maybe I could blend into a group of them.

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