November 7th, 2002


An old Star Wars RP log

Unfortunately. I didn't start logging at the very beginning for some reason, so the beginning is cut off. In short, here is what is missing: The two characters have been hired for a "Transport and Escort" mission: Their cargo/escortees are a group of Scientists, all carrying one(1) briefcase of equipment.

Blain: Pilot. Owns the transport, and also own the droid.
Rage: Generic mercenary. The muscle of the operation.
Reynai: Me. The GM. [The droid]

The story to this point: The transport was pulled out of hyperspace en-route by an interdictor cruiser, and they found themselves in the middle of a firefight. The droid, Bob, assisted Blain, the pilot, in gunning down a number of tie fighters, saving all of their collective skins. We now continue the story:
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Anyone have good tips for promoting a LARP?

I'm an experienced GM/ST, but my University of Maryland player base has shrunk (attrition to OWBN mixed with graduation and aging of the older players) and I'd like to get some fresh meat. Over half the local LARPers have moved on, and there aren't any new players, really. Worse, most of the current players are Juniors and Seniors. In a year or 2, it's going to be all over unless we promote.

Currently I'm not running anything, and the other LARP in my crowd isn't getting any real interest outside the dozen of so of us hard core players. I can't really start anything up with such a weak player base, no offense to them, and they are dry for leads and contacts.

I know some of you on this list work and play with large LARP troupes. How do you get that big and stay that big? Promotion has always been my weak point. Help!