November 6th, 2002

Eire [created for me]

New to LiveJournal and this community...

Hello, I would just like to introduce myself and let you know that there's a new edition to your community.
I really enjoy fantasy and/or medieval based RPGs. I play the MMORPG 'Dark Age of Camelot' which seriously takes up most of my time considering I'm playing it practically 24-7. I also play 1st and 2nd edition D&D, Neverwinter Nights, various PC RPGs, etc.
My main concern is interaction with other people (players). I like to play games where the ending is not prewritten.
Well, I wouldn't want to bore you heh ::smiles:: so I suppose I'll get going. I hope to get to know all of you. ::waves::
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Reasons why Roleplaying is Better than Sex (even though we all know its not...)

Sorry for the spam. Kill me later, if youd like ;-)

No one laughs if you have really small dice.
Computer geeks can always find people to role-play with.
It's easy to Role-play for 4 hours at a time.
You stop early if you're too tired / haven't reached the end of a chapter.
No one really cares if you don't reach the climax of a story in one session.
Most people don't mind if you watch them role-play.
You usually role-play with at least four other people at once.
Your housemates don't really mind you role-playing on the Kitchen table and not cleaning up afterwards.
Rarely will someone demand that they will be the first to role-play on the new couch.
You can sample all sorts of different role-playing styles at an organised convention.
You can role-play without having to buy the other participants dinner first.
It's easy to get a hold of role-playing expansions.
The other players won't mind too much if you role-play with other groups in between times.
It's easier to tell role-playing anecdotes in public and not get in trouble.
"Would you like to role-play with me?" rarely gets you slapped.
Being out of shape doesn't make you a bad role-player.
new piercings don't inhibit the ability to role-play.
Don't get diseases from borrowing other people's dice.
Caffiene will help you stay up all night while role-playing.
People don't mind if you put their role-playing quotes on the web.
Good acting ability won't upset the other players when they find out about it.
Having a "vorpal weapon" is usually a good thing.
If your dice fall off the table no one gets injured.
There's no such thing as "first role-play syndrome".
You won't go to jail for role-playing with a 17 year old.
No one particularly cares if you haven't showered before role-playing.
Nobody minds if they find out that the person you're pretending to be isn't the same sex that you are.
Most Women don't mind the heavy oral emphasis of role-playing.
Botching isn't likely to cause permanant injury.
Inanimate objects can be used to aid role-playing.